2ww begins
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Amy - May 5

hi everyone :) i haven't been writing much on here lately but i've been keeping up on what's been going on. BABIES!!! There's been a lot of baby dust floating through here. Hopefully some falls this way!

well we are in the beginning of our 2WW. our insemination was done on monday so i'm on day 3 after my iui. my husbands counts were still on the low end but on my u/s i had 1 follicle on the left and 3 on the right, so they were thinking that at least 2 would be released but probably 3. hopefully the 6th time is the charm. we were thinking that if this one happens to not work we would go through one more before moving on to ivf d/t the fact that i had my hsg test last month and pregnancy increases for the 1st 3 months after that test.

well i go back to work tonight after a nice week off. i'm a nurse in a neonatal icu. so i have BABY on the brain 24-7. my week off was wonderful though:) even though i love my job it just gets hard seeing all these moms having babies that they don't really care about or want. then 2 weekends ago my husband and i went to his parents for the weekend. they live about 9 hours away. and we were surprised ver dinner that his older brother and his girlfriend are pregnant. which are both the type that should not be having kids. but my mother in-law did not even give us a heads up so we could have digested it before being put on the spot. i was pretty upset since she knows what we have went through to have our own baby. then his brother has the balls to say that we have spent a lot of money to have a baby that if he had to he wouldn't have one. it was not a good weekend to say the least.

thanks for letting me get some of this off my chest. you guys are great! my thoughts are with all of you in your 2WW, we'll struggle though this together. and everyone about to test, best of luck and buckets of baby dust.
everyone else thanks for listening amy


JenniferS - May 5

Hi Amy,

I am new to the boards, but wanted to wish you all the best & send you all the baby dust you deserve! I don't know all the abbreviations yet, so I'm guessing that 2WW means the waiting period after IUI. We are doing our first IUI this Saturday, so I am more than a little nervous! Again, I will be thinking about you the next two weeks.



WantsBaby2 - May 5

Hi Amy,
Welcome to the site. I am sorry you had such an awful weekend. Ugh! People can be sooo insensitive. I went to a birthday party on Sunday for a girlfriend's 3 little girls. She is a dear friend. Her sister was there 7 months pg with her third, and big as a house.

I know my friend has told her sister our struggles to have a baby. There she was telling me all about her pregnancy and how she would like to have at least one more if not two after this one. I just sat there like a dummy and nodded and smiled until I couldn't take it anymore. I just got up and walked away. Don't people ever realize what they are doing or saying?

I wish I could get though a day without crying just once! I don't know how you can get though your job day to day. I have a difficult time just being around pregnant women. Sorry, I am babbling on and on! Thanks for letting me vent!



meridithhasfaith - May 5

Hi Amy

Good luck on your 2WW. I hope it goes by quickly for you with a great result!

Wantsbaby2, I can't believe that woman did that at the party. The only thing I can think of is that she doesn't feel too good about herself and she must have felt a wave of superiority that she was able to "do" something someone else wasn't and she was flaunting it. Very sad and very cruel.

I remember after a similar conversation with a friend's sister when I was 9 years into infertility with no success, I actually said, "You know, getting pregnant isn't that impressive, dogs do it all the time." I can't believe I said it but it shut her up. I was TRYING to say that it's the mommy you are that makes a difference. In my frustration and anger it didn't come out that way. Oh well.

I saw from your other post that you are having a bit of a time on the bcp's. I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can adjust soon or that the time flies by until you can stop them!
Take care


bethann - May 5

Hi everyone. I'm new to the board and also so happy to have found you. What wonderful support you all give to each other! I'm scheduled for my first IUI Sunday and Monday and I'm struggling through with all of the meds. Because of my age (40) the RE started with an aggressive approach of clomid (100 ) 5 days followed by repronex (150) 4 days. I'm on day 3 of the injections of repronex and I'm feeling .... ugh! I'm all bloated and have some dizziness. But seeing all these BFPs gets me excited! Congratulations to you positives!!


WantsBaby2 - May 5

Good luck Bethann! Maybe things will go easy for you! I am tossing tons of baby dust in your direction for a +++!!!


bethann - May 5

thank you wantsbaby2! is feeling bloated normal? i hope this goes easy too but we'll see. dh and I have been ttc for 3 years now. i'm trying so hard to be positive!


BabyBound - May 6

Welcome Amy, Jennifer and Bethann

You guys are in the right place.

Amy I hope your 2ww goes by fast.

Jennifer and Bethann, good luck on your IUI's. There has been a lucky streak around here, so we're going to keep it going.


Amy - May 6

thanks again for all your support.
jennifers and bethann i wish you the best of luck on your 1st iuis this weekend. i'll be here during your 2ww if you need to vent. we have all been there and know just how hard and long that 2ww can be.

wantsbaby2- i don't know either why people have to be so insensitive. i want to believe that it's just because they don't know what it's like to want a baby so bad and not be able to have one. but on the other hand it's not like these people don't see or know the struggles that we are all facing with infertility. i find it the hardest to see those people that are on their 2 or 3rd baby and even though we started trying about the same time or sooner we don't even have our 1st yet.

meridithhasfaith- thank you for the laugh :D. i needed that today. i think we have all felt like saying things like that at one time or another. it just gets so frustrating going from month to month not knowing if this is THE MONTH or not.
baby wishes to you all!! thanks again amy


meridithhasfaith - May 6

Awww you're welcome, Amy. Take care :)



ElizabethS - May 7

Good luck Amy, Jennifer & Bethann. I wish you all buckets of babydust. How is everyone holding up?? Amy - when is your 2ww over? I was the MOST craziest during that time period. We are here for you anytime.


kiki - May 7

All the luck to you galz going through the dreaded 2WW. Last Sunday was my testing day- end of the 2WW, and I got a +++, after verifying it with blood work, we are pg after 7 days clomid 100 mg, 5 days repronex, hsg, and 1st IUI.
It will be a LONGGG 2 weeks, but hang in there.

I was trying to prepare my husband- in that I had read it sometimes takes 5-6 IUI's before we got a positive result- I think this was for both of us- to try to not get our hopes up for this 1st one. I tested & saw the faint line, but still were both causciously skeptical.

We played a lot of cards & board games, went for walks, watched the 1st series of "The Shield" back to back- just to keep our minds off of the inevitable!!

Just try to stay busy & the time will finally go by!

Oceans of baby dust to you galz!!!!!! +++ thoughts
us posted!!!


Fortyfour - May 8

Good luck newcomers. Keep in touch and let us know how things turn out.


JenniferS - May 9


We are about 5 days apart on our 2ww.....Our first IUI was Saturday. How is your wait so far? It's only been 2 days & I can't STAND IT :P! It is taking all I have not to run & get a PG test. It's good I have work to keep me busy! Good luck to you in the next week. May lots of baby dust float your way!!!!!



BabyBound - May 9

JenniferS, good luck with the wait. It drove me crazy the second week. Baby dust to all of you.


Amy - May 9

hi jennifer
i thought about you this weekend and was wondering how everything went. i wish that we all could just wave a magic wand and not have to go through this dreaded 2ww. it's bad enough we have to go through infertility and then to have to wait the longest 2 weeks of our lives to see if it worked. it's awful!!

i have a couple of extra pg test but i'm scare to even try them. i think after so many times of seeing the one line and not two i'm getting to where i don't want to know but do at the same time. you know what i mean? i have also been working and doing some yard work just to keep busy. keep in touch and may buckets of baby dust come your way.

Congrats kiki. :) thats wonderful news. best of luck through the coming months . enjoy every minute of it!!

best of luck to everyone this month! there have been a lot of +++++'s on here lately which give us all some hope. thanks for listening amy


kiki - May 13

Hi Amy- have you heard any news on your IUI yet? I've kept you in my prayers. I hope you get your positive!!!

I'm right there with you on not wanting to take any more hpt... I was hoping I just bought a pack of damaged ones that didn't work... all I saw was the 1 line. I never even got one of those ovulation tests to work for me?! Hopefully the May good luck will spill onto you too!!!

Best of luck!! ;)



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