2nd IVF gone bad
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laura - May 23

Hi everyone,
It seems everything has gone bad this 2nd IVF cycle.
First I stimmed for 14 days (too long). I coasted w/out meds for 5 days (destroying most of my eggs). This was because my estradiol became too high at 6560. During retrevel, It took 5 times befor they could place a catheter in my vein (this took longer then the actual retrval). They retreved 7 eggs. I do not have much hope for them becase last time I had 18 eggs but only 9 still viable on day 3. I am just bumed out!!
thanks for listening, laura



paige - May 23

Hi laura I'm so sorry to hear that. I went through two cycles too and was so frustrated. My third was a frozen. Did you freeze any? Are you going to do another cycle? I know it's devastating but hang in there.


laura - May 23

Thanks paige.
We will try a third time in August. We did not have any thing to freeze.


shaz - May 23


Sometimes it's these crappy cycles that surprise us the most. It happened to me on our 6th full cycle. I only got 3 eggs, they all fertilised, they all transfered and my little girl was born. (now 5).....Hang in there, you may get a pleasant surprse yet.



Fortyfour - May 23

It would seem to me there is still hope for the eggs. Keep in touch and let us know how it turns out. Baby dust to you.


WantsBaby2 - May 24

Good luck Laura,
Keep the faith! You just never know. I pray that this works for you. Please keep us posted. When do you test? Keep venting to us, we will help you get through this 2ww.



laura - May 24

Thanks for your support !!

They will do a transfer. On day 2 there were five 2cell embreyos left of the best grade. We will see how it goes tomarrow.

baby dust laura


shaz - May 24

That's great news Laura.....Have a great transfer...



whynotme - May 24

congratulations, Laura!!!!

Good luck and keep us posted :)



Karen123 - May 25

Laura, I'm new but I want you to know that I care. I wish you the best and hope that everything works out for you. I hope you are ok.


Fortyfour - May 26

Laura, that is so exciting. Good luck and baby dust to you. Keep in touch.


bethann - June 6

Good luck Laura! I'm thinking of you and praying for a positive!


LisainAK - June 8

Oh, my heart broke for you. I am so sorry. Take it easy on yourself, enjoy the break from wondering and be hopeful for August.


Fortyfour - June 11

Laura, Sorry that you are not pg. Good luck with your next cycle.



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