2nd IUI failure
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Cheri - April 19

Well today was the dreaded 2wk Test day and once again "NEGATIVE" was the result. Ive stopped taking my Prometrium 200mg and now will wait for my period to start and then we will beging the process over again. I wasnt going to let myself get all worked up and upset this time but started crying as soon as I looked at my husband. He said we just cant let it consume us--easy for him to say but this is part of my everyday life. Shots, sono's, blood work, IUI, Vaginal Supp., and the dreaded 2wk wait. Its pretty cloudy here today and looks like it could rain some more---to bad I cant just crawl into bed and sleep this day away, but I have 8 kids today for Daycare--at least some have school this morning. Enough of my pity party its will soon me time to get on the horse and ride again!! Right--thanks for listening Cheri


WantsBaby2 - April 19

I am soooo sorry about your BFN. Darn it! I know all too well all of the emotions following a negative result. It feels like your heart falls onto the floor and get blown up into a million pieces. All of that work, time, hope and money down the drain. Have a pity party for as long as you need to. I am so sorry. I hope you are feeling better soon.



ElizabethS - April 19

My heart goes out to you. It just isn't fair at all. It is just an exhausting journery dealing with infertility. Do what you need to do to get through this tough time. We are here for you anytime.


SMS1129 - April 20


Hang in there!! I'll be praying for you!



Fortyfour - April 20

Cheri, sorry you are not pg. It is such a letdown. Feel sad if you need to, cry if you need to. Talk to us anytime. Good luck with your next cycle.


paige - April 21

Hi I'm new here but wanted to say I have felt your pain with my two cycles and I very very badley for you. I ended up in a major depression after my two negatives and actually went to a psychiatrist. It took me a while to do it but it was the best thing I ever did. They put me on a light anti depressant that really helped me stay positive and feel like wanting to get up in the morning and get through the day. I am now on my third and it is the best I have felt taking the medication and they say it is safe. It might be worth looking into. Best of luck!


Cheri - April 22

Thank-you to everyone--its so great to have all of you!! I keep thinking hey they has been good news from others on this board--so it can happen!! When do most people go from IUI to IVF? Just asking--not really ready to go that route yet. Are anyones periods really heavy and blood clotty after going thru an IUI cycle? My AF is terrible today!! Tomorrow I go in for baseline and see if we can continue this month or if we have to take anothe month off again--I hope not!! In about 2 1/2 wks I turn 36--my age has never bothered me not even turning 30 and now it does alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So keep your fingers cross and I hope our baby angles comes and kisses all our bellies!


tiggerpounce418 - April 22


I'm so sorry for you BFN.

I am not exactly sure about how many failed IUI's before moving onto IVF, but I was reading about it yesterday a little. I think I remember seeing 3 failed IUI, then go to IVF. Again, I'm not sure. I haven't even started IUI yet. Just Clomid & timed intercourse. Others on the board who have experience can tell you more.

I hope you are feeling better soon. With the awful AF & disappointment of this failed cycle, try to pamper yourself a bit. Take as long as you need and remember we're here for you. I hope you have a happy birthday, and hopefully soon you'll have a BFP.


Cheri - April 22

Just got back from having a baseline U/S and was told will have to take another month off--had a left over follicle on my right ovary---okay pretty much new that from the tech whom did the U/S--it was at like 22mm--but now Im trying to find out why this is happening. Is it the meds Im on, are we not waiting long enough, or is it just time to move on to the next step???????? Anyway I didnt even cry when they called me--pretty much knew what was going to happen. It did make me a little bitchy-Im just so damn frustrated! Nothing can ever be easy. Thanks for listening. Cheri


TTC in SoCal - April 22

Cheri..... I can't say anything to make you feel better, but i certainly know how you feel. we get our hearts broken month after month.... but hang in there. you are strong (even if you don't feel like it today). I will be 36 in July, so I know what you mean. My age has never bothered me before, but it does now.
BTW... sometimes heavy clotty periods are a result of low thyroid. Make sure they do a complete thyroid panel on you as that can have an effect on fertility. Don't let them tell you that the TSH is normal so you must be normal. INSIST on a complete thyroid panel. (T4/T3/thyroid antibodies, etc.).
good luck .... we are all here for you!!


meridithhasfaith - April 23

Hi Cheri
It's so unfair. You are willing to get back on the horse and try again and you are told you have to wait. I can only imagine the pain and frustration you are feeling. So much control is taken away from us, even the ability to start anew and keep trying.
At least it's a temporary setback. ( I know, no comfort now, probably)

Hope this next month goes by quickly for you. Take care...



WantsBaby2 - April 23

I hope you are feeling better soon. Take the month off and try to do some fun things for yourself. I know it is more wasted time, and that is soooo frustrating. The month will fly and it will be time to start trying again soon!

As far as when to go on to IVF, I would talk to your RE about it. I have been told that IUI SHOULD be effective unless there are other factors going on to keep the sperm from meeting the egg. If IUI doesn't work by 5 or 6 times, then you should consider moving on.


Fortyfour - April 24

Cheri, sorry about the delay. A month can seem like an eternity. Stay busy. plan a project for the month and keep in touch with us if you need to. Take care.


JJ - April 25

The month that you have to wait will fly by, don't try to think about it and before you know it, it will be time to start again. Best of luck and keep us posted.



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