2nd IUI Cycle begins
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silli_kitti - September 16

I've been on Femara for two cycles, and its apparently the protocol of choice for me for the next few rounds since I did get a BFP last time.

Have you ever been on Clomid? Femara does the same thing as Clomid - it "recruits" several follicles rather than the usual 1 per cycle - only it doesn't have the negative side effects on your CM and endometrium as Clomid. I've seen 2 RE's and they both think that Femara (Letrizole) will replace Clomid in the next few years. It's relatively new, and was originally prescribed for women with breast cancer, but then they noticed that these women were ovulating more than 1 egg per cycle.

They use Femara/Clomid and an FSH injectable product (like Gonal-f) because it is cheaper than straight injectables, yet accomplishes the same thing - multiple follicles. At least, that's what I was told.

I have read, however, that straight injectables have a higher success rate as compared with Femara/Clomid + injectables.
Does anyone know about this?


baby4us - September 16

Hi Silli-Kittie.. thank you for your answer.. I have never been on Clomid... started on Gonal-F.. and am on second cycle.

I have a very regular cycle... and assume that is why I haven't been on Clomid (I believe clomid is more for irregular cyclers and/or edometriosis, and/or cycts, etc.)

I just wanted to gather some questions to ask my doctor.. I wonder if I should "up my cocktail?" or just continue as is.. I am worried as doc only wants us to do 3 IUIs.. and of course.. now that I am on cycle number 2... I want to make sure I have done everything I could...

I am not sure about the success rate of straight injectibles, vs. alternates.. I wonder if a posting to the RE and doctor on this site would be worth it?


silli_kitti - September 16

I don't think Femara would upping your cocktail but do ask your RE about it and see what he says.

I'm curious - why only 3 cycles? And what will be next?

My RE told me he wants to do 6 or 7 "good" cycles of IUI's (I've have 4 IUI's but only 2 "good" cycles, so he wants to do 4 more). I haven't told him, but I'll only do 1 or 2 more, then I want results and it's IVF for me!!

My RE says most women don't need IVF and he's not quick to do them. He said something like "anyone that on her own can ovulate an egg that has a clear path to the uterus does not need IVF - barring any autoimmune or genetic issues." I went for a 2nd opinon last month, and that RE said because of my age and my desire to try for another after a successful pregnancy, I don't have time for endless IUI's and should consider IVF after one last try at IUI. I would tend to agree.


baby4us - September 17

Hi Silli-Kittie

I think our doc suggested the 3 cycles.. and then we sit down and look at the process (if these next two cycles are unsuccessful) .. at that point.. we either try more IUI's... with possibly another drug.. or continue with the same.. or we go to IVF... So the 3 IUIs was kind of more of a "let's start with this and then regroup" type of scenario..

Similarliy to what you have heard.. IUI should work for us.. but due to age (eek).. to not spend too much time on endless IUIs and go straight to IVF.. although.. at this point.. I think I might be willing to try a few more cycles of IUI.. but again.. I don't have to make that decision just yet...


Shannon - September 21

Hi all,

Well my AF arrived and I am feeling pretty down in the dumps. My b-day is tomorrow and it's just a reminder that I am one more year older and still childless. :( I did Femara, but I keep hearing about Gonal- what is it? Should I be getting that in addition to the Femara? My next step is to sit down with our RE and reassess our situation. This was IUI #2, and I know that usually people do many more, but I feel like skipping to IVF- what do you guys think?

In regards to injectibles versus meds for IUI's I have also heard that injectibles have a much higher success rate.
Baby4Us- did you find out yet if your IUI was successful?

Good luck to all!

p.s.- from now on, I will be "shansy" as I have joined this site. :)


baby4us - September 21

Hey Shannon.. sorry ol' AF arrived.. never a welcome sight! How are you feeling.. I was pretty upset last cycle when AF arrived. But thankfully I was back on round 2 pretty quickly so it kept my mind off of things.

I am now on week 2 of the dreaded 2ww.. I am going to try a First Response on Saturday.. as my blood work is to be done next Tuesday.. so I thought I'd cheat a little.. and drive myself even crazier!!

In regards to your question "meds vs. injectibles" I really think it depends on your body and your doc/RE... probably best to talk to either one of them about it...

I am strickly on Gonal-F injectibles since the start... and it is too early for me to tell right now if it will be successful... as I too hope to not have to proceed to IVF.. I have a very low pain tolerence!


silli_kitti - September 22


I'm with you about trying more IUI's. My RE says there's no reason why it shouldn't work for us, and therefore IVF is just not worth the money right now, especially since its not really that much more successful for people for whom IUI should work. Whatever that means. I just wonder, maybe there is something going on that they won't know about until they actually see the whole process under a microscope.

DH and I have discussed things. We are on a sit-out cycle right now (on cd 18 and no O yet!! - beginning to wonder if the meds screwed me up and I won't O this month, which would really suck, but we're BDing anyway) but we decided to do 1 more IUI, see how it looks and if it sucks, we'll go to IVF. If it looks OK, we'll do 1 more before IVF.

Shannon -

Injectables are a more aggressive treatment than Femara. IVF is the most aggressive - but it also has the most severe side effects (OHSS) which can cause cancelled cycles, and leave you in severe pain. Also, my RE says they won't do back-to-back cycles of IVF, so that is also something you need to consider. Depending on your dx, and your age, you may be jumping the gun by going straight to IVF. Of course, if you can afford it, it does have the best success rate, so its a personal decision you'll have to make.


megahurls - September 22

I'm brand new to this forum and to ART. This site is very informative as I embark on my first IUI cycle with an injection tomorrow. Wish me luck, for I'll need it due to DH's sperm issues. Its so good to see so many success stories here -- despite the long journey to get there!


About me: 34 yrs old, DH is 35. 2 daughters (ages 3 & 5), but TTC #3 for 17 months w/o success.


shansy - September 22

Good Luck Megs! I wish you well and hope your journey for conceiving baby #3 ends in a couple of days! :)


Fortyfour - September 23

Megs - Good luck trying for #3.


baby4us - September 23

Keep us informed Meg!!!

Baby dust to everyone....

I am near the end of my 2ww.. have def. PMS symptoms.. argghhh.. why me (I am sure we all say this on this site!!)... I know it isn't definitive yet.. but I kno wmy body well enough... I guess time to start preparing for cycle #3


silli_kitti - September 23

baby4us, don't give up yet.

I was sure AF was coming on my BFP cycle. So sure in fact that I went out and filled my Rx for the next round, and bought a bottle of wine to drown my sorrows (DH wouldn't let me near the wine until we were sure though).


baby4us - September 23

Hey Silli-Kittie.. thanks! did you even have pms cramping? I guess that is why I feel it is inevitable are the cramsp I have been having.. not strong.. but they are there.. which I usually get before AF arrives!

But I will take your word for it.. .have been drinking green tea instead of my usual coffee.. and I did the same as you.. last night I so wanted a glass of wine.. but DH only allowed me one sip from his lovely glass of wine... so I went and had a boring glass of mineral water!!


Fortyfour - September 23

I had menstrual strong cramps and spotting 2 days before my positive pg test. I was sure I was not pg and very emotional that day. Good luck


baby4us - September 24

That's the bummer! anything goes.. the symptoms are so similar!!

I am doing my First Response HPT Sunday morning.. DH brought it home last night because I don't think he can take the wait any longer!!
Then I will have my official blood test on Wed... that is if AF doesn't rear her ugly head before then!!! (like last month!)

Baby dust to all!!!



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