2nd IUI Cycle begins
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baby4us - September 12

Hello ladies... I am going for my 2nd round of IUI's this cycle. Tuesday and Wednesday.

I surged this morning.. which was early.. so I hope tomorrow isn't too late.. I know I have that 36 hour window.. but you know.. we always have to worry about something.

So I hope this cycle is it! Anyone else in a September IUI cycle??


WantsBaby2 - September 12

Good luck baby4us!
I wish you the best of luck with this cycle. Babydust babydust babydust!



Karen123 - September 12

baby4us, Good luck!!!! I wish you the best and hope all works out for you!! Tons of babydust to you!! Karen


Fortyfour - September 12

Good luck to you and baby dust.


silli_kitti - September 12

I was wondering how you were doing......good luck to you! May your 2ww fly by and be followed by a good, strong BFP!!


baby4us - September 12

Thank you everyone for your kind words and extra baby dust!
This message board really keeps me strong .. so I am glad we can all come here to chat and share our grief, worries and apprehensions.

I hope everyone is doing well...


Juniper - September 12

Best of luck to you!! My IVF in August was not successful. I took ept Friday and Sunday mornings, both negative. Got my period this morning. I have the "official" test Wednesday but I also will be having my day 3 bw/us. I start an IVF cycle next. They did not expect the IUI to work in my case. Good luck to you- I will say some prayers for you!!!


pj - September 13

good luck and tons of babydust
i'm not doing an iui, but i am doing a fet in sept. i'll find out more thursday when i go in for bw/us. maybe we can share the 2ww.


WantsBaby2 - September 13

Sorry about the negative. I was so hoping for you. Good luck with your IVF venture. I hope it works for you on the first try.



Shannon - September 13

I just finished my 2nd IUI a week ago and have one more week to wait, so I am in the same boat with you, baby4us. I am 28, DH is 28. I have PCOS and did Femara this month. Husband had a great count- 484 million! Lets hope it works!! Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!


WantsBaby2 - September 13

Good luck ladies. Gee...and I was excited that my hubby's sperm count had more than doubled to a measley 9 million when we had our IUI last week.


Fortyfour - September 14

Sorry about the negative test Juniper. Keep in touch with us on your ivf.

Good luck ladies. I hope you all get big fat positives.!!!!


baby4us - September 15

Well.. I just completted my two IUI's.. Tuesday and Wednesday. Again.. hubby's sperm was great.. high motility, etc. The nurse said my cervix was perfect and everything was great.. so I really hope this time will be THE time!

Now I am on the dreaded 2ww.. here we go again. I just hope i cope a bit better than last time! I was driving myself nuts...

Anyway.. Wantsbaby2 and Shannon.. you two were somewhere on your 2ww last week.. how are you feeling? Any news?


Shannon - September 15

No news yet, just waiting... :-\ I don't feel anything either so I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. I just wish there was some sort of sign. I feel like I am starting to get a cold- I don't think that is a symptom! ;)

Next Tues. is day 28 for me- 2 days before my birthday- go figure, huh? I have been taking my temp. each morning and it has been high, but last month it was also.

Hang in there and baby dust to all!!


WantsBaby2 - September 15

Actually, I test tomorrow. I don't feel a thing...nothing. Not one tiny symptom. The only thing I feel is crampy and crabby from AF making her arrival. But I have felt crampy for the last week like she could come anytime. Who knows? I don't know what to think.

Good luck with your 2ww ladies! If I have a negative I will be attempting IVF again in November. This IUI attempt was a clomid challenge test that they decided not to waste. It was pretty much a shot in the dark since this is our 7th IUI attempt.


baby4us - September 16

Good luck to everyone....

And sorry to ask such a daft question.. only because I couldn;t find much info on the Internet.. but Femara... can someone please fill me in. I am only on Gonal-F (1050 ius) and have noticed that a few people on Gonal are also on Femara....Thanks ahead of time!


silli_kitti - September 16

I've been on Femara for two cycles, and its apparently the protocol of choice for me for the next few rounds since I did get a BFP last time.

Have you ever been on Clomid? Femara does the same thing as Clomid - it "recruits" several follicles rather than the usual 1 per cycle - only it doesn't have the negative side effects on your CM and endometrium as Clomid. I've seen 2 RE's and they both think that Femara (Letrizole) will replace Clomid in the next few years. It's relatively new, and was originally prescribed for women with breast cancer, but then they noticed that these women were ovulating more than 1 egg per cycle.

They use Femara/Clomid and an FSH injectable product (like Gonal-f) because it is cheaper than straight injectables, yet accomplishes the same thing - multiple follicles. At least, that's what I was told.

I have read, however, that straight injectables have a higher success rate as compared with Femara/Clomid + injectables.
Does anyone know about this?



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