2 week wait
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Asunflower - April 21

I hope so. Just out of curiosity I did a HPT and it came back negative. I am hoping that it was too soon to tell. I am not to go until Thursday so hopefully that was the case. If not I don't know what I will do!


fiso - April 25

Asunflower, hang in there, you're almost there. I didnt' do a HPT, I was too scared to be disappointed. In your case, it may have been too soon.
Whatever the answer you get back on Thursday, please let us know. You know that we all there for each other, in joy and in sorrow.
Talk to you on Thursday and keep positive!


Asunflower - April 25

Thanks for the positive words! They help a lot! I will keep you posted!


pst - April 27

Hi Ladies. Im new to this section of the board. I just completed my 4th IVF cycle. I had a day 5 transfer of 4 compacted morulas yesterday. Unexplained Infertilty, 32 yrs old. I had very poor results during my first 2 cycles - day 3 transfers of poor quality embryos. The 1st cycle they all stopped dividing at 2-3 cells. Now Im with a new clinic and have seen a big impovement. Im a little upset the embryos didnt make it to blast by day 5, but the embryologist said they were still growing. Dr. Smith on this site said compacted morulas is within normal rage for day 5. During my 3rd cycle, I had 4 compacted morulas also..but BFN but I think this cycle was better quality. I dont go in for a pregnancy test until next Friday and Im already obsessing. Im trying to stay positve but its really difficult. Anyone have anything similar? I cant seem to find much info about compacted morulas.
Im happy for all of you that got your BFP...you give me hope. Congratulations!


Asunflower - April 28

A BFP yesterday. HCG level was 201. They said that was good. How was your Dr. appointment yesterday? I hope everything continues to go well!


fiso - April 28

Asunflower, you made my day!!!!!! Soooooo happy for you! Now, let's wait for the other blood tests to confirm your numbers! You should have one or 2 coming up, right?

My visit yesterday went fine. No u/s, I was a little disappointed not to see the little one, but we heard the heart beat. I'm feeling OK.

Got to run now, but wanted to congratulate you!


Asunflower - April 28

Thanks! I have to go on Sunday to check the numbers again! I will keep you posted!



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