2 week wait
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tiffany - November 9

hi im new here, this is our first ivf after 13 years of infertility. our transfer was 5 days ago and im already going crazy waiting for blood test. the worst part is i have all these pms symptoms so ive convinced myself it didnt work. anyone else out there with symptoms or waiting for results


TICKINGCLOCK - November 10


I just had a IUI almost 2 weeks ago and I am now feeling like I am getting cramps.. I dont even want to do a preg test feel like its useless. People always say when they were preg they had pms symptoms and thought a period was coming on only to find out they in fact were preg. So dont loose hope! :)



tiffany - November 10

thanks gina. this waiting is just harder than i thought it'd be, but trying to stay positive. tiffany


allegonda - November 10

Hello Guys,
It is really frustrating I agree waiting. I had my first natural IUI 9 days ago, and the waiting is hard. I also work in a acute surgical/gyneacological ward )as a nurse) so it is really tempting to get on of my collegues to test my BetaHCG levels. But i have decided to wait and get tested when I am 2weeks post IUI if AF hasn't come.
Another factor difficult with my job is we have the misscarriage (under 20weeks) patients, some of whom have conceived by IVF.
Will keep you posted as i find all your emails encouraging.


baby4us - November 10

During my last 2ww.. I had unmistakable PMS symptoms.. i was so sad.. and convinced that AF was coming..... lo and behold.. I got a BFP.. so don't lose hope.. I did cheat and buy a First Response kit which I took 4 days prior to when my blood work was scheduled.. and got a faint line... so that really boosted me for my blood test!!!


Deans - March 16

i am having my egg transfere 2morrow. i am bloated and my right side is painful(where they collected the eggs) 4 eggs collected from one ovary and three fertilised. I am so anxios about the two week wait. How will I get through it? i wish I could just fall unconcious and wake up in two weeks time( I ts drastic I know) but I really need a buddy now. plese email me!!


fiso - March 16

Hi Deans. Hang in there. Every night, tell yourself that another day is gone and brings you closer to D-Day!! It's not an easy time. Talk with your Dh if you feel that you can't take it any more. He may be able to calm you down! If not, come and visit us here! I was very bloated too and in pain and uncomfortable. They removed 37 eggs that first time. You can imagine how my belly looked like! Be good to yourself, rest as much as you can, your body needs all its strength to make this work.
Baby dust to you.


Asunflower - March 18

What kinds of meds did they have you on? 35 eggs seems like a lot. How many were mature and fertilized? How many did the transfer and how many did they freeze? I am just really interested in your case since you had so many eggs. I had 19 and I thought that was alot!


NelliB - April 15

anyone know if your progesterone level means anything as for as your pregnancy chances? I did IUI w/meds last Sat. My doc spoke to me about the chance of multiples due to the amount of eggs I produced. he said 25% chance of twins and 5% chance of triplets if I concieve. I had my bloodtest yesterday. They said that we want it to be 13 or above and mine was 42. I am so happy that it was above 13, but what does that really high # mean? Are my odds improved? my husband had a really high sperm count too, so i am hopeful, but afraid to be hopeful


fiso - April 15

Asunflower, sorry I didnt' reply to you before, I didn't check this section of the site!
To answer your question, I was on Lupron, Follistim and Menopur. The docs were a little surprised with the results! Unfortunately, due the their poor quality, we were not able to freeze any of the eggs. I had a transfer of 4, and one took but I ended up with a m/c. All those eggs for that sad result, it's mind boggling!
Anyway, having that many eggs brought some complications and I was soooo bloated after the retrieval(the belly fiils up with water after they removed the eggs), that I ended up with breathing problems.
So, in this case, it's not the quantity, it's the quality that matters.
Godo luck to you and keep us posted on yoru progress.
Tons of baby dust to you.


Asunflower - April 15

Fiso, I just had transfer number 2 yesterday. Iwas on the same meds and had 28 follicles, 21 fertilized, and as of yesterday we had 9 blastocysts. Luckliy I didn't end up with OHSS and we were able to transfer! I am sorry to hear about your m/c. Are you going to try again?


fiso - April 15

Asunflower. Take a look at my little profile below....After doing a 2nd IVF, I finally got a BFP and I'm currently in my 14th week!
Now you are starting your 2WW. Be patient and don't forget to let me know the results!
Baby dust to you!!!!!


Asunflower - April 15

Fiso, Congrats! I see that now! I hope this 2nd round works for us as well! Yes that long 2ww. I will keep you posted!


fiso - April 17

Hang in there. You'll see those 2ww are going to go by fast. Keep yourself busy with fun things and don't lose hope. That's one things that really keeps us going.
when is your blood test scheduled for?


Asunflower - April 18

I have to wait until the 27th. I feel good about this cycle. It had much better results! I will keep you posted! Thanks for the good baby vibes!


fiso - April 21

You're welcome, anytime.
I'm going to the doc the same day you do, but to check the llittle guy/gal.
I'll be thinking about you. Take good care of yourself. Some very incredilbe things are happening in your body.


Asunflower - April 21

I hope so. Just out of curiosity I did a HPT and it came back negative. I am hoping that it was too soon to tell. I am not to go until Thursday so hopefully that was the case. If not I don't know what I will do!



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