1st IUI down..holding the breath for the second
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hpt95 - May 22

Ist IUI down.


SHELLY - May 22

Hi there !

Well I am right there with you and your wife.
my DH and I have been ttc for 4 years and I waited
to get in touch with an RE. We tried 2 years with no help and 1 year with just the gyn/ob using just Clomid.
I have 1 failed IUI under my belt and we have just had our 2nd on May 18. I only had one viable egg this time
and strange enough it was from the left ovary which is
where I had a cyst removed about 6 months ago. I didnt even know if that side was working. I am 38 so I really hope it takes. I think my DH and I have decided we will do a total of 3 IUI and then maybe start talking about the big IVF. I will praying that you and your wife will be able to conceive this 2nd time around. Hang in there ! :)


hpt95 - May 23

im grateful for ur kind words..i have read that IUI chances increase with subsequent tries as the body adjusts to the medicated cycle..im scared of IVF because that is the last door..and costs are prohibitive...I will wish for u & dh...like i keep telling my wife the day is just around the corner..


baby4us - May 23

Good luck hpt95 -- it is truly a nerve wracking experience. But sounds like you are getting the answers you need while doing treatments in India.. so I wish you the best of luck.

Have you thought of trying back to back IUIs? meaning two days in a row? I don't think there is any strong scientific evidence to suggest it increases your chances.. but I strongly believe it helped our chances.. it can't hurt right??

The best is to just learn as much as you can about any fertility problems you or your wife may be experiencing and learn as much as you can about each of the treatment options available to you. This can be a long journey... so try to prepare yourself mentally for a possible longer haul....and always stay positive.. as difficult as that may be at times... you have to be strong and supportive for your wife...


Lynne - May 23

I'm also wishing you both the best, I am trying the IUI for the third time this morning and wishing it would take, my husband and I have also discussed the prohibitive costs associated with further types of treatment and if the IUI cycles with clomid do not work within 6 tries we will probably just get a puppy and enjoy life ( the drugs make me sick each month and the old man is tired of watching me go through the stresses and emotional whiplash , not to mention the $ so far).

Know that these procedures work for many people and as you both are young and healthy you have the most hope . Baby dreams to you. Lynne.



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