1st IUI
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baby4us - August 19

Good day everyone,

I am going to have my first IUI procedure tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 20).. I am excited and scared all at the same time.

I know I am supposed to be positive during the treatment (the nurse just called and told me to wear one blue sock and one pink sock for good luck!).... But I have heard so many people say that the 1st time usually does not end in pregnancy.. it is more of a test to see how I have reacted to the fertility meds, treatment, procedure, etc. So I don't want to get my hopes up... but then again.. there is a small chance for the first time to result in a pregnancy... right???!!

Also.. dependent on how our eggs and sperm count are tomorrow... they have suggested we do another IUI right away on Sunday... has anyone else done the two IUI's in a row... I guess that just increase your chances.

What a way to spend a weekend!


Fortyfour - August 20

Good luck with your IUI. I imagine anything is possible in this crazy game. Baby dust to you.


sussie88 - August 20

I have had 5 IUI's. (3 with chlomid and two with gonal f). Our doctor recommended intercourse the night of the IUI and then again the next day - just for some 'insurance'. Unfortunately, in our case, it did not do the trick. Good luck to you.


baby4us - August 22

Well.. I had my first IUI on Saturday and went back for a second on Sunday.

The procedures were virtually painless so I was very happy about that!

Now for the dreaded 2 week wait. I am trying toikeep extra busy so I won't think about it. As well as trying to stay positive... Baby dust all around!


Juniper - August 22

My husband and I are starting IUI, too. They are doing it two days in a row, 24 hours apart. Good luck to you!!!


zoey - April 24

I am in the process of having my first iui. This is day 3 of clomid and then the internal u/s in 4 days, then the hcg injections etc. I am so excited and nervous all together and jsut want this to be successful. I dont know if i can emotionally prepare myself for more failure. We have been trying for two years and the problem is that i do not ovualte. I am looking for feedback and what i should expect as far as success goes for my first iui.



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