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Cindy - April 28

Hello Dr. Smith,
I have a weird question. If a women has an elevlated NK level, Is it possible to feel (have pain) when NK attack a blast that is trying to attached to the lining?
I am in between IVF cycles. My first fresh IVF cycle failed. I had a beta of below 1 on 8dp5et, which indicates that the blast never attempted to implant. Which may also suggest that I have an elevated NK level that is treating the blast as a foriegn subject and attacking it.
I am waiting to do a FET in May. While waiting for the FET cycle, we decided to do an IUI with injectables. I produced about 6 to 8 mature eggs. DH's post wash motile number was 6.7 million. On the 21st day of the cycle (around the time that implantation would occur) I had severe pain in my uterus. It almost felt like contractions. It was extremely painful. It lasted for a couple of hours then it subsided. My uterus was sore for a couple days following. I was out of the country on vacation, so I did not call my RE. By the end of the vacation, 7 days later my cycle begin. So I guess I am not pregnant.
I was wondering if perhaps an egg was fertilized and attempting to implant, but something fought it off and forced by body to reject the egg.
I hope that this makes since. Any insight would be helpful.
Thank you in advance Dr. Smith.

P. S I wanted to add that I was only on Stims (Gonal F) for 7 days before triggering. My eggs were developing pretty fast. I am not sure if this would contribute to the complications that I just posted to you . Thanks in advance!


Dr Smith - May 2

Elevated NK cells do not cause cramps or pain. Rejection of the embryo is played out on a microscopic scale, so you would never feel anything like that. I think you should discus this pain with your doctor. You may not have enough progersterone in your system to supress uterine contractions.

Your stimulation was too short to allow adeqate cytoplasmic maturation of the eggs inside the follicles. Your doctor should try to stretch out your stimulation more to provide more time for the eggs to mature. He/she probably pulled the plug early because of a fear of multiple gestation (triplets + ), however, that usually results in no pregnancy at all.



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