Transferred 2 compacting embryos, 1 that wasn't compacting
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walkeai - February 16

its positive....! beta was 982, OMG! doesn't mean twins does it ? :) thank you for all your support. I go back Friday.


Kell - February 17

Congratulations! I'm really, really happy for you. When do you have another test?


walkeai - February 17

Thank you! Tomorrow I go back. Then not sure if I do a third test...just want to get to the ultrasound....I'll keep you posted :)


walkeai - February 17

not sure if my last post went through. Tomorrow I go back. I'll keep you posted! tHANKS!!


Kell - March 15

So what's going on? I hope everything is going well for you.

My husband had his reversal last week and we are tentatively declaring it a success. The doctor said he saw seminal fluid and that he has a 91% chance of having a return of live sperm. Now if only my body cooperates....


walkeai - March 15

Good to hear from you!, I was thinking your trip was not until April. Glad to hear it went well. How did your husband do w/ the process and recovery?
So I am 8.5 weeks now (gestational timeframe). I had a good sonogram w/ hearbeat last week and first ob appt. next Wed. One more month of shots! They don't even bother me now. So I feel really good but don't want to assume I am out of the woods, not telling many people yet. After all of these years of trying, I am finally there but don't feel like I am beaming or loving life yet? I think it will be better in one month.
So I think you will be just fine once the sperm is all good. You are young enough and they were able to get a number of eggs from you. You have to give yourself a chance, I know its probably hard not to think negatively after the doc questioned your egg quality. Will you do ovulation kits to try and pinpoint the good time? How much time did they say until they can make sure all went well and you can try?


Kell - March 16

I think I would feel the same as you. After failure you tend to be scared for awhile. I agree you'll feel better after you've finished the shots.

I will start ovulation testing next month. My OB/GYN wants me to test three months in a row to make sure I'm ovulating. I think we can start trying in another three weeks. It just depends on how my husband is feeling. He's still really sore. We won't know if he has live sperm until the second week of July. He did ok with the procedure (had a lot of pain when the doctor gave him anesthesia-kicked him in the ribs) but otherwise he did fine. The recovery process has been rough. The procedure was more involved that I thought it would be. He had two drainage tubes that were held to his scrotum with a safety pin (honest to God, a safety pin) that we had to take out. That was an experience! The swelling has gone down some but he's still really bruised and hasn't been able to lessen his pain medication yet. Maybe trying in three weeks is pushing it. LOL

Keep me posted on your progress! And again, congratulations!


walkeai - March 16

Ok, all of that sounds so painful....I hope your hubby didn't regret going through all of that. Yikes. I guess a reversal is more complex then just a fixing. Well, I would say he is committed to giving you a child! I really hope it works for you after all you've been through. How many children does your husband have?
Glad to hear that your ob is monitoring you, that will give you some peace of mind. Keep me posted please!!


Kell - March 17

He has one child but has been restricted from seeing her by the ex-wife. He's missed out on a lot of her developmental years due to jealousy...sad. :(

He hasn't mentioned regretting the reversal. If we can get through the recovery I think it'll all be fine. Hopefully he'll forget the pain. LOL



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