Semen Analysis results ?
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prayingforbaby - January 6

Dr. Smith,
I have a few questions re: my husbands most recent SA.
History: we have been TTC 2 years, he was dx with varicocele in April 2005, surgical repair in July 2005. We had a repeat SA Jan. 2006. Results are the following:

2005- count 12 million 2006- count 7 million
motility- 25% motility 18%
morphology 9% morphology 2%

My questions are these:
he used a small amount of lubricant each time- could that have affected the SA to such a degree of abnormality?
with either set of numbers, assuming they are accurate, do we have a shot at IUI or IVF or IVF w/ICSI?

thansk for any input you can give- we meet with our RE on 1/17/06- but that seems far away!


Dr Smith - January 7

Most lubricants are toxic to the sperm and are therefore not recommended for use during semen collection. Toxic lubricants affect the motility of the sperm over time. Toxic lubricants do not affect the sperm concentration or morphology. So, no, the use of a lubricant does not explain the abnormal results observed.

Varicocele repair results in a consistent improvement in semen parameters about half the time (the other half of the time there is no change or they get worse) and can take up to 18 months to see any improvment at all. Couples that are in a hurry to have a baby should not depend on varicocele repair to improve there chances in the immediate future. From the information you provided, the most efficient method (speediest) for you to conceive would be through IVF/ICSI. I would not recommend IUI as there are not enough motile sperm availble to make it worthwhile.

Best of luck


prayingforus - January 7

Dr. Smith,
Thank you so much for your thorough response- I thought that is what you would say and probab;y what we'll hear from our RE in a few weeks.

Appreciate it,



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