Rescue ICSI
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marn - December 3

I don't know who else to turn to in my moment of despair. I know that you don't really care too much about Rescue ICSI but I am in a tough position at the present time. Just had my 4th cycle (2nd with donor eggs). The donor is 32 years old and the donor produced 18 eggs out of 25 follicles. But none of the eggs fertilized (there was no problem with my husband sperm in the past so it wasn't retested since we had just finished a cycle in August). The clinic performed rescue icsi after 16-18 hours of none fertilization. Out of the 18 rescue icsi'd 11 fertilized. On day 3 we were left with 4 ok looking embryos (1-11 cell; 1-7cell; 1-5 cell and 1-4 cell - Graded 17/20). I am on day 9 of my 3 day transfer. Do you I have any chance of this working. Does the 11-cell sound at least ok.




Dr Smith - December 5

As you pointed out, the general consensus is that rescue ICSI is ineffective. HOWEVER, I have had a pregnancy following rescue ICSI in a donor egg case just like yours. The husband's sperm had been fine in the past, and boom, just like that, failed fertilization. I performed rescue ICSI at 17 hours post insemination. Two embryos made it to the blastocyst stage and were transferred. Singleton pregnancy and term delivery. Whew! That was close.

Soooo... I can happen, its just not common. Remember, since rescue ICSI was performed on Day 1, the embryos will be behind one day in their development. Therefore the 7, 5 and 4-cell embryos on Day 3 were on schedule (Day 2 for the embryos). The 11-cell was ahead of schedule. Hang in there. It ain't over 'till its over.


marn - December 5

Thank you for your response. The transfer was actually on day 4 not 3 as I pointed out. I thought you would count from the day the eggs fertilized. In that case, the eggs were slow dividing, except for maybe the 7 and 11.

I appreciate your answer and I will keep you posted.




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