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nina - April 26

Dr. I did read your pervious post about this. But, I was wondering if you could give your insight in this.

I have being having orgasms in my sleep. I don’t recollect any dreams but when I wake up I have bad cramps that go away in 5 mins. I had one after 4 days of my transfer(5 day transfer) My RE wanted me to have a blood test on the sixth day and the HCG was 2. She said it was early but she is hopeful. But, recently I have had 2 more orgasms last two nights (day 10 post transfer today) I had two questions.

Will this hinder my implantation or if the embyro has implanted, will it still be implanted after the such bad cramps?
What can I do to stop them?

I do have a history of miscarriages (3 chemicals/1 miscarriage).

Thanks and sorry for the long post.


Dr Smith - April 27

Having an orgasm on Day 5-6 of embryo development (i.e. 2 days after a Day 3 transfer or one day after a Day 5-6 transfer when the embryos are trying to attach could interfer with impantation. However, by four days after a Day 5 transfer, (hopefully) the embryos had already attached. Once the embryos have attached and are burrowing into the uterine lining, having cramps or orgasms will not affect the impantation process. Many women report cramping and spotting during the two week wait and then turn out to be pregnant. Relax.

Was Brad Pitt in the dream? Never mind. Your husband may be reading over your shoulder.


rosemond - February 13

I woke up in the middle of an orgasm during a dream just 18 hours after my 5 day transfer. I know in the previous message it was stated this could interfere with implantation. This is my second ivf, first failed. Dreams during that one too. I probably brought it on myself when I read the instructions that said no orgasms during the 2ww and thought how can you stop it if it is in a dream?

What I was wondering is whether people who have orgasms so early still manage to get pg.

Any information would be helpful.



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