PGD on fragmented frozen donor egg embryos
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Brenda - September 25

Hi Dr. Smith
We our the couple that our donor egg cycle w the donor hyperstimulated & the embryologist told us we had an egg issue and the RE said nothing. the RE finally is saying of the (8) - 8&6 cell embryos that are frozen, that only 50% will make the thaw. The grade on a scale of A & B, these embryos were a b-. There is 1 (8cell-b grade) and 1(6cell b grade)

this embryologist who froze these embryos is a team member of Dr. David Ball from Minnesota., however I am not sure what her abilities are in regards to freezing techniques.

What now really really concerns me is the second opinion clinic, will only accept these frozen embryos only if they are allowed to do pgd testing on them.

I have completed 3 transfers

1st transfer was 42 year old eggs with an 8 cell a, and pregnancy was achieved but miscarried due to submucosal fibroids distorting the intrametrial lining

2nd transfer was with frozen donor egg(donor was 22, and 2 other recipient couples achieved pregnancy with this donor). i achieved pregnancy but miscarried again bc of submucosal fibroids distorting the endrometrial lining. Also there was chromonsonal issues with elevated anti cardiolipins.
3rd transfer was fresh donor egg/no sperm chromatin issues/fibroids removed/increased progesterone to overcome the immunological issues/however the embryos were assisted hatched & the RE is not stated if the assisted hatching was to remove fragmentation. They gave every other reason for azh, but conveniently forgot the azh to remove fragmentation.

I am very concerned the second opinion clinic which is in the Washington DC area and affliated with a very good hospital would not accept these embryos unless they were allowed to do pgd, in my opinion we do not have enough embryos to do pgd.

what is your opinion on this lastest development?

I have never heard of an Re demanding a couple submit to a test and would not proceed forward unless we proceeded with this test.
In your opinion, do we have enough embryos to make it to pgd and this clinic has only done 3 pgd on frozen embryos.
why would this clinic demand that we do pgd on these frozen donor egg embryos?

we are seeking a 3rd opinion in this regard to a very top notch facility, but now i am very upset with this lastest development.


Dr Smith - September 26

I agree with you. There are too few embryos to perform PGD and have a reasonable chance of success. Some of the embryonic cells will be lost during the freze-thaw process and PGD will require 1-2 additional cells for biopsy. There won't be enough embryonic cells left for continued embryonic development.

By making PGD a requisite for the FET, the clinic is putting up an insurmountable hurdle for you. I suspect they are trying to discourage you from attempting an FET at their clinic. Probably because they are skeptical of the quality of the embryos and don't want you screw up their success rate statistics. Time for a third opinion.


Brenda - September 30

Dr. Smith
You are right on target with our 2nd opinion bc they have poor frozen success rates and by doing the pgd testing, they know that there will be no embryos to transfer, therefore "protecting" their already poor quality frozen success rates.
I thought I would tell you we have picked up our 8 '' inch medical file from the bad clinic that produced the fragmented embryos and it had greatly been reduced to 1/2" file, which might be ok, but it might not be.
I have confidence and faith our 3rd opinion Re will not take being messed with bc of their reputation.
I do not know what my husband and I would do with out your guidance and direction.



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