Orgasm affecting Embryos?
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Fizzy363 - July 5


I need some advice as I am driving myself crazy, I had my ET two days ago on a 2 day transfer. I have had orgasms while sleeping the last two nights and all the literature I read advises that you abstain from sex and orgasm. Have I harmed my embryos? I am doing the maths and figure that they haven't reached the point of implantation yet but what if they were expelled? I am really quite worried that my subconscious mind has ruined it.



Dr Smith - July 6

Orgasm can cause uterine contractions, but there is no evidence to suggest that implantation is affected by these contractions. Abstaining from sexual relations during the post-transfer period is more of a precautionary suggestion than an absolute rule. In many cases, we suggest certain things to patients not because we have good evidence to support our suggestion, but rather to prevent the patient from beating themselves up if it doesn't work. For example, "It would have worked if I just hadn't climbed those stairs" or "I should have stayed in bed for the whole two weeks. Then it would have worked". The human reproductive process is not that sensitive to our daily activities. If it were, there wouldn't be any people left on the planet.

Don't beat yourself up. Orgasms are as much a part of life as fertilization and implantation.


Aimee37 - July 15

Hi Dr. Smith-

I had orgasms in my sleep (3 within the 2 week wait) at about 2 days after, a week after and 2 weeks after. I am guessing because I had so much hormones in my system? I woke up after these experiences and my abdomen area hurt for about a minute after. They never hurt before. I am thinking it might be due to the enlarged ovaries and sore uterus? I am still quesitoning why it hurt afterwards and if it had something to do with my early m/c? ??? I hope with my next IVF I do not have these but I highly doubt that. Just worries me...


Fizzy363 - July 16


Excuse me butting in but I just wanted to reassure you to some degree. After this post the O thing happened again a couple of times and my doctor said that it would not have any affect - the reason they go on about not having sex and I guess orgasms associated with it is the danger of bacteria entering the cervix? Some one suggested (was it you) that taking valium to relax them at night might help - i am unsure of that but could see that it might help.

Anyway, sorry about the miscarriage and best of luck next time.


Aimee37 - July 16

Hi Fizzy-
Thanks for your reassurance. I was having these in my sleep and it hurt afterwards. I never had that before where it hurt after. I was and still am worried. If valium helps I will take it but who would prescribe this to me!? LOL! ::)

I appreciate your support. My m/c really hit hard and I have been using excessive exercise to "numb out" and I know that is not good for fertility. :(

Hey congrats on your pregnancy!!! Did you have a 2 day transfer? How many did you have transferred? I hope your HCG keeps doubling!!!! CHEERS!!!


Dr Smith - July 17


The pain you experienced was probably due to enlarged ovaries. The ligaments that attach the ovaries and uterus can be stretched after the ovaries enlarge during the stimulation. Pulling on these ligaments, as may occur during orgasm, may cause pelvic discomfort. The pain with orgasm will pass as things settle down in your pelvis. It had nothing to do with the miscarriage.


Aimee37 - July 17

Whew!!!! :) Thanks for the explanation to these experiences and discomfort I was having. I feel much more at ease now. Thank you for response!!! ;D



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