NK Cells
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Asunflower - August 30

I know you shared information on NK cells and testing before but I can't seem to find it. I think there is something called Soul-Cortef that can be used to treat Nk cells that is not so expensive like Ivig. Is that true? I am still trying to get my RE to agree to test but I want to have information on it to bring to him. Do you have any information on Solu- Cortef that I could share? How do I go about getting it? Does an RE have to order it? We are looking into just getting the treatment without having the actual NK test. Any thoughts on the effects of that?


Dr Smith - August 31

This moves into the medical realm, so I will defer to an RE. Unfotunately, Dr Jacob does not believe in testing for NK cells and pooh-poohs the whole idea of immunological problems contributing to infertility. Sigh.. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one. So, I will refer you to the RE I work with. She can explain how we use Solu-Cortef. There is nothing published (yet) on the effecivness of Solu-Cortef in treating immunological infertility. It is still in the experimental phase. But its not expensive and is a commonly used anti-inflammatory corticosteroid. It is not known to be harmful and, in this case, is administrered as a single dose on the day of transfer. Dr. Miller will be able to relate our expereince using Solu-Cortif as a substitue for IVIg.

Dr. Miller is out of town for the weekend, but she will be back Tuesady. Send your question to her by email ([email protected]) and mention you originally posted your question on my message board a Sharedjourney


Asunflower - August 31

Thank you so much for you assistance! I greatly appreciate your support. I can't seem to get this support from my own RE!


Asunflower - September 5

Dr. Smith,
The email address you gave me for Dr. Jane is not going through. Can you double check it for me please?


Dr Smith - September 5

Its [email protected] If that's what you tried before, and it doesn't go through again, let me know. We have a problem with our server.



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