Morulla still on day 5 - Is it Good or bad ?
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val - January 19

Hello Doctor,

I had 2 embryos transferred yesterday on Day 5.
Both were still at the morulla stage ( one grade 2 and on grade 3) and although they were still developing , they were not at the blastocyst stage as they should have on day 5.

The embryologist told me that i still have a chance because they kept on developing between day 4 and 5 but that they prefer to see a blast on day 5.

What's your point of view ? Does the fact that they were not in blast on day 5 a bad news ? What's the likelihood that they could catch up going forward.
Do you think that they will have less chances of implementing in the uterus ?
What could cause an embryo to develop slower on day 5?

Your opinion and comments are more than appreciated
Thank you in advance Doctor.
I look forward to hearing from you


Dr Smith - January 19

Its no big deal. The embryologist was right. Morula stage embros on Day 5 is not a really bad sign. A very high percentage of morula stage Day 5 embryos continue to develop to the blastocyst stage by Day 6. They have a reasonable chance of implanting. The only down side to transferring morula stage embryos on Day 5 is that the quality of the blastocysts cannot be assessed prior to transfer. It is not uncommon to transfer morula stage embryos in Day 5. It is not uncommon to achieve pregnancies from morula transfers. Hang in there.


val - January 21

Thank you very much Doctor.
I am grateful to learn from you. I wish you were my embryologist !
Thank you again
Best regards


amyg - February 4

I had the exact same thing this weekend. Got call on day of transfer that I had two "normal" embryos but they were growing a little slower than doc would like i.e. not at blastocyst stage on day 6. He told me to come in and that we would look at them in afternoon. They had grown a bit but still not blastocyst stage but he did the transfer anyone. I've been on bedrest for 48 hours and my mind is in a negative place as far as outcome. Seeing your post and the doc's reply is helping me be a bit more optimistic. Good luck!



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