Male Factor Lifestyle Changes
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oct01 - May 24

Dr. Smith,

My DH and I are 31 yrs old with dx of male factor. My DH had a bi-lateral varicocelectomy 10 months ago which improved some of his semen parameters. His DFI decreased from 44% to 11.9% and his motility has increased from around 20-30% to 50-60%. But he still has 21% morphology and 25% immature sperm (HDS) and his sperm counts are "ok"-- 26-33 mil concentration pre-wash.

He has been taking Conception XR for the last 2 months (similar to Fertile One and Proxeed) and recently stopped all alcohol and decreased his caffeine intake (1 cup of coffee a day). However, at our last 2 IUI's the total motile count post-wash was 9 mil and 8 mil so we are scheduled to do ICSI at the end of July.

My DH works out at the gym 4 days a week and plays softball and baseball 2 days a week in Orlando, FL. Our RE has suggested that my DH stop playing softball and baseball because the heat outside (it is in the 80's and 90's) and bouncing of the testicles could be affecting the sperm counts (they are lower than a few months ago).

My DH is having trouble accepting this because he thinks the softball & baseball helps him relieve stress from a hard day at work (and stress could negatively affect his sperm as well).

What is your opinion? Is it necessary to stop playing sports?



Dr Smith - May 24

I think loose-fitting exercise clothing is the compromise. Baseball uniforms can be a bit restrictive/tight in the crotch (at least the major league ones - although that may be a bit for show). Perhaps a size larger pants with a belt? When he's at the gym, loose fitting shorts will also provide adequate circulation of both blood and air to keep testicular temperature down. Also, sperm production can be seasonal, and tends to go down a bit in the summer, so that may be factored in too. However, any life-style changes made now will not show up in the ejaculate for about 2.5 months. It takes that long for the sperm to mature and move from the testes to the ejaculate. If he's going to make changes, make them sooner rather than later.



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