Low initial beta?
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cb38 - December 11

Today (12/10) I am 7dp4dt of one embryo. The embryo was normal (PGD for 9 tested chromosomes ) and was 8 cells on day 3 with less than 10% fragmentation and became a blastocyst on day 4. HCG trigger shot was only 5,000 iu and was out of my system in a few days.

I tested faint positive on a home pregnancy test yesterday morning, 12/9 (6dp4dt) and another definite positive that evening (First Response and EPT). Had the beta done at 11am that day and it came back 5. The nurse called me that afternoon and told me stop my medications, that I was not pregnant.

I did not stop the meds and took another home pregnancy test this morning - again it was definitely positive - my husband sees it very clearly too. Went to the clinic immediately and demanded another beta, also around 11am. It came back 11. Doubled in 24 hours.

I know it's early to be getting a beta, but is 11 too low for 7dp4dt? from 5 to 11 in slightly less than 24 hours seems fairly fast doubling time? Do I have hope? What is a typical beta HCG level at 7dp4dt (or 11dpo)?


cb38 - December 13

Today, 9dp4dt, my beta was 38. Is this OK or should I not be too optimistic?


Dr Smith - December 13

I wouldn't be too hopeful, BUT it is doubling and they began to test REALLY early. If it continues to double from here on, it may still be O.K. Implantation can be delayed one day (and still be OK) which would give lower hCG levels - particularly when testing really early. My main concern is that you stopped your medication (progesterone). After the hCG went up to 11, did they tell you to resume progesterone supplements?


cb38 - December 13

Dr Smith,
Thank you very much for your answer.

I felt like the nurse was not the sharpest tool in the shed so I ignored the nurse and did not stop the progesterone injections.

What would cause a delay in implantation?
My beta is being tested again on Friday morning, what should be a "normal" beta level for a singleton at that point? On Friday I will be 12dp4dt (16 days past ovulation/retrieval).


Dr Smith - December 13

Glad to hear you stayed on the progesterone. Whew!

There is an implantation "window" +/- a couple of days. Sometimes embryos take a little longer to get to the blastocyst stage, and they must get to the blastocyst stage if they are going to attach and implant. That can delay implantation by a day. If the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage, but the surrounding endometrium is not "receptive", the embryo may have to slosh around a bit to find the "sweet spot" for implantation. Either way, nature is not so exact and there is some leeway for implantation. No worries.

About 100 or so.


cb38 - December 15

Dr. Smith,
Is it true that blastocyst transfers result in slightly lower HCG levels than a day 3 transfer?


Dr Smith - December 18

Not that I'm aware of. As I posted above, slightly lower initial hCG levels can be a result of delayed implantation. That can happen following a Day 3 or a Day 5-6 blastocyst transfer.

Careful what you read on the TWW boards. The TWW brings out a lot of false information as the anxiety level intensifies. Thank you for running that one by me.



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