low hcg and biochemical pregnancy?
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honeybaby - June 30

Dr. Smith:

Please excuse my approach, I need someone outside in my case to help me understand. I posted a previous message about a low count 2 days ago. On Sunday was 61, by Wednesday only 74 and today after I stopped all meds as by RE adviced today my beta had double from 71 to 146.

My RE asked me three times did you stop the meds? what could be happening? Thank you for your answer and all hard work in this site. Forgot to mentioned that the dr., suscpets that might be an ectopic pregnancy but my problem is my tubes being blocked so how could this have an explanation?

Thank you for all.


AmyR - June 30

Hi there I am having the same problem!!! First beta 23, then 42, then 21 and I was told to stop all meds, go AF and then numbers were up to 28, now 4 days later up to 58??? I am scheduled for an US now for 7/6/06 I guess to see what's going on in there... Amy


honeybaby - June 30

Hi Amy,

I can imagine how heart broken you must be, or at least I am. If indeed I have an ectopic pregnancy I must have to have a miscarriage or that's what my RE tells me, I am now confiding in God I feel He has all the power in this conflict I got myself into. So I really wish the best for you and your baby I know what you are going through.

My next blood and sono is on Monday 7/3.

I will be saying a prayer for you


AmyR - June 30

Thanks for your good wishes, I think at this point there is no positive outcome except to hope that it has not resulted in an ectopic. Best of luck to you.. AMY


Dr Smith - July 3

Your questions are more of medical nature, so I'm not the "expert" to ask. However, I'll share what I know. Because your numbers went up, then down, then up again, it is not a normal pregnancy. Since you stopped your medications, you should get your period in the near future. If you do not pass all the embryonic tissue, you will require a D&C. If the hcG continues to rise and you do not get your period, then it may be an ectopic pregnancy. In that case, you will be given methyltrexate to shrink the exctopin pregnancy. It may take a a couple of weeks for this to occur. During this time, your hCG levels will be monitored. When they decrease to 0, you will get your period.

You have both experienced a "chemical" pregnancy. It is not uncommon, even in the "fertile" population. The embryo did not coninue to develop (probably because it was genetically abnormal). Your body is reacting by terminating the pregnancy. It is part of the natural reproductive process. There is a silver lining. It means that, given a good embryo, your endometrium can allow implantation. Some women have problems in this area and it would appear that you are not in that group.


Dr Smith - July 3

Sorry for the typos. My fingers are experiencing a case of the Mondays. "hcG" should read hCG; "exctopin" should read ectopic.


honeybaby - July 3

Dr. Smith:

I just wanted to share with you that my RE gave me the same report today, with the exception that my HCG went up to 520 so it is still growing and now I am bleeding. I am going to be administered methyltrexate I am just concerned about side effects or risks? Your knowledge is a blessing!

Thank You.


AmyR - July 6

Dr Smith: Well had an US yesterday and the Dr could not find the pregnancy in my uterus and the tube (I only have right) looked clear but it was hard to tell. I had BW in the afternoon so I will know today if the numbers have gone up. He gave me 2 choices, 1. to go ahead with the methlytrexate now and it will destroy pg wherever it is, or 2. to see what numbers do and maybe do a D&C and if it's not in the uterus then go with the methyltrexate then. THe only downside is that I cannot try again for a few months after the shot... Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Amy


Dr Smith - July 6

This is really a medical management issue and I'm not qualified to render an opinion. I'm sorry, but I'm not a physician and I could get into a lot of trouble giving medical management advice. I have to stick to what I know - sperm, eggs and preimplantation embryos. Perhaps Dr Jacob could suggest a course for you. Try posting your question on his message board.



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