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Karen Dennis - April 11

Dr. Smith: My husband just got lab results and we are confused by what they mean... I hope you can be of assistance. For the semen analysis, the volume was high at 6.0. The count was 127. Morphology was 60 (low) with over 75% being the limits. It states predominant abnormal sperm and morphology: Cytoplasmic Extrusion. It says the morphology classification is ASCP. Motility was 100 but the quality was 10% moving with no forward progression, 20% with slow meandering movement, 30% moving rapidly in an almost straight line, and 40% with a high speed in a straight line. Under comments it says WBC and clumping seen.
My husband has never fathered any children and is over 50. Before we go into this any further, I would like to know how likely it would be for him to father a child. I certainly appreciate any assistance. Thank you, Karen Dennis


Dr Smith - April 12

Your husband's semen analysis was not performed by a trained Andrologist. It was performed in a genreal reference laboratory by a medical technologist that has not been trained to perform an up to date semen analysis. This is apparent from the criteria used for sperm morphology (ASCP) and the nice round numbers for all the semen parameters. Accordingly, I'm not sure how much I can trust these numbers and I am reluctant to draw any conclusions from this kind of slap-dash analysis.

Cytoplasmic extrusion refers to cytoplasm retained on the sperm tail. A fully mature sperm has eliminated almost all its cytoplasm in favor of a "sleek", hydrodynamic design. Retained cytoplasm prevents the sperm from swimming in a straight line and, should that sperm encounter an egg, penetrating the protein coat that surrounds the egg.

The observations of white blood cells (WBC) and clumping are suggestive of antisperm antibodies.

I would recommend having a semen analysis performed by a trained Andrologist at an infertility clinic and having the results interpreted by a Reproductive Endocrinologist. If this semen analysis was performed at an infertility clinic, go somewhere else for care immediately. If an infertility clinic cannot perform a modern semen analysis, chances are, they won't be able to do much else properly either.



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