IVF Insurance Nightmare PLEASE HELP
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Mosquito - April 25

My wife and I were getting pregnant just fine naturally, ( 4 out of 5 times ) but she had 2 ectopic ( one was VERY bad ) and she needed emergency surgery. No pregnancies lasted. We qualified for IVF since her health was at risk if we continued to try naturally. Now, after just two IVF cycles our insurance (Tufts) has rejected our 3rd claim. We have to pay out of pocket ( $10,000 including meds)They say she does not produce enough eggs and has less than a 5% chance of succeeding. This makes no sense to us since our problem is not that we CANNOT get pregnant, but that she is prone to ectopic pregnancies. It seems wrong that we should be rejected since trying naturally is out of the question. She produced twice as many eggs the second IVF cycle as the first and they still say she has a less than 5% success rate. How did we get pregnant 4 or 5 times before IVF, only to be told our chances are minimal after pumping her full of IVF drugs?? It makes no sense! We are desperate to be refunded the money we put up for our 3rd cycle and need to be covered for more cycles. Something is not right here!
Also, she has a history of thyroid imbalance which she takes drugs for. Lately she has been taking Yoga and the thyroid drugs may have set off an imbalance in her body. Her yoga instructor thinks that the yoga is helping her thyroid condition, so are the thyroid drugs hurting now rather than helping? Could that affect IVF success rate? Lastly, our IVF nurse miscalculated her drug dosage on our first cycle and had her injection dosage all wrong. Why didn't the insurance or IVF doc take that into consideration when they rejected our third attempt coverage? I'm going to appeal to the insurance company, but I still think someone is doing something wrong somewhere. I feel we were better off at getting pregnant before I started pumping her full of needles.
Please help!!



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