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kittenpants - September 28

Hello. I am currently in the two week wait after a 5-day transfer of PGD embryos. Statistically speaking, if the embryos make it to blast and are "normal" after PGD, does it increase chances for success? We transferred 2 - one of which was a hatching blast. Also, what role does sperm quality play in survival after the embryo is transferred.

I'm 31, our only issue is MF after a failed vasectomy reversal.

Many thanks in advance.


Dr Smith - September 28

A blastocyst stage embryo deemed "normal" by PGD does have a slightly increased chance of developing to a term pregnancy compared to a blastocyst stage embryo that has not undergone PGD. The increase chance of success is not dramatic because the majority of blastocyst stage embryos would be considered "normal" had they had PGD performed at the cell stage.

When the sperm DNA is highly fragmented, the first trimester miscarriage rate is increased. Otherwise, the impact of sperm quality is minimal.


Check JH, et. al. (2005) Effect of an abnormal sperm chromatin structural assay (SCSA) on pregnancy outcome following (IVF) with ICSI in previous IVF failures. Arch Androl. 2005 51:121-4.

Oehninger S, et. al. (1998) Semen quality: is there a paternal effect on pregnancy outcome in in-vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection? Hum Reprod. 13:2161-4.


Dr Smith - April 5

I think your doctor is frustrated and just wants to try something "new" on the next cycle. From the information you have provided, in my opinion, PGD is not indicated here. I don't see how PGD will improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. It would be extremely unusual for a 27 year patient to have a high number of chromosomally abnormal embryos. I believe the problem lies elsewhere. I suggest you get a second opinion from another reproductive endocrinologist.



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