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lorrie - January 28

We are looking for a little guidence.
Im 38, dh is 36. I have 3 children from previous marriage but dh has none. He has never achieved a pregnancy from any past relationships but swimmer sample is fine for ivf. I have been sterilised so ivf is our only route.

ivf one - 2 grade one, 4 cells embies put back, no fragmentation, none frozen. Was a good cycle. I responded well to the meds. Got 10 follies, 7 eggs, 4 fertilised.

ivf two - didnt respond well to stimms meds had to have 150 menopur added to my 250 puregon. Got 5 follies, 4 eggs only 1 fertilised and put back a grade one four cell with no fragmentation.

We have paid private for both cycles. Had our follow up and cons doesnt want to change anything. We are thinking of moving clinics or maybe going abroad. On the first cycle, i got to test day then af arrived, on the second i started bleeding full bleed on day 6 past transfer. Both cycles our transfers were on day 2 as that is all our clinic does.

We have enough funds for 1 more go and want to give this last go our best chance.
1, anything spring to mind that could be going wrong?
2, we know the problem isnt with me (other than age of eggs) is there any way we can find out if dh has a prob with swimmers?
3, is it time for me to go the donor egg route?

Any help or advice will be much appreciated.
Lorrie xxx


Dr Smith - January 30

I'm going to ask Dr Jane to address the stimulation issues. You don't seem to be getting very many eggs, but I'll leave it up to her.

The fertilization rate should be about 70-80%. You are not achieving this. It may be realted to the maturity of the eggs or the sperm or both. If ICSI is not being performed to achieve fertilization, I would suggest that it be used the next time (donor egg or not). It is impossible to judge the developmental potential of Day 2 embryos (4-cell). Almost all embryos look great on Day 2. So the grading is moot. I haven't the foggiest about whether or not the embryos are developing to the point where they can attach and implant in the endometrium (blastocyst stage). Can't help you there.



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