IUI and Semen samples
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stars - May 8

Hi there

I wrote to you regarding going for ICSI or IUI or DIUI you have advised DIUI as my husbands morphology was low. I have a couple more questions I hop you wouldnt mind asking.

My husband had a hydrocele on his left testicle which was drained (only 6 ml so small one) and hasnt come back. We are dabbling with the DIUI at the moment , but are wondering if it is possible to use husbands sperm. I have heard that several samples can be taken and make up a good one, is this possible? That way his morphology of 1 - 5%, motility 12 - 50 %, count 5 - 20 million would be increased. ???

Secondle can we use his sperm and a donors at the same time?? I have heard that they will 'fight' but isnt this supposed to be good for conceiving?? ???

Finally is there an advanced semen analysis we could do to see how good his sperm really is ie can it penetrate the egg etc?? ???

Hope to hear from you soon Stars xx


Dr Smith - May 9

Banking several semen specimens doesn't usually work. This is because many of the sperm die during the freezing-thaw process. This is especially true for men that have poor quality sperm to begin with. I'd say that isn't the answer.

Yes, it is possible to mix your husband's sperm with the donr's sperm for insemination at the same time. They do not "fight" with each other. Sperm competition theories are just that, theories. There is no hard scientific evidence to support these theories in humans.

There is no in vitro diagnositic test to determine the actual fertilizability of your husband's sperm (except doing IVF with your eggs). There are in vitro diagnostic tests such as the hemi-zona assay that tests the ability of sperm to bind to the protein coat that surrounds the egg and the hamster egg sperm penetration assay that tests the ability of to penetrate hamster eggs. However, the results of these tests are difficult to interpret and are inconclusive at best. For the most part, they have been abandonded. Newer tests such as mannose receptor assay and the sperm chromatin structure assay add to the information about the sperm, but do not give [i]absolute[/i] diagnostic information (i.e. DIUI versus ICSI with your husband's sperm).


stars - May 10

Thank you dr Smith for your reply and valued opinion. I live in the UK and I must say in the States more evaluation seems to be done for IVF patients than here. Many thanks once again and may ask you more in the future if thats okay with you. shas x



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