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Anna - May 5

Hi Dr Smith

You very kindly answered a question for me when I had FET in Feb (BFN).

I am now downregulating for an ICSI cycle and we are hoping to go to blast.

I am being offered cyclogest or crinone. Would you say either of those are better than the other? In addition to this I have read on the net that extra HCG shots and/or estradiol after ET can assist with implantation. What are your views on this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Dr Smith - May 5

In our program, we have had the best success with progeterone injections supplement with Crinone for the first three weeks following the egg retrieval. If the pregnancy test is positive, the progesterone injections are stopped and the Crinone is continued. At the same time as the progesterone injections and Crinone, we use transdermal estrogen patches to supplement the estrogen level. I am not familiar with Cyclogest. I don't think Cyclogest is available in the US.

Periodic, small doses of hCG after the egg retrieval would act to increase the natural production of progesterone from the ovaries. I have no personal experience with this protocol. However, taking additional hCG would make interpretation of the pregnancy test difficult.


Anna - May 5

Thank you very much for replying Dr Smith.

I will print off this information and approach my clinic.

Many thanks



Anna - May 8

Just to let you know that I got my wish and my consultant is giving me 100mg of gestone daily!

Thanks again for your advice.

Anna ;D


Dr Smith - May 9

Glad to hear you were successful in twisting your doc's arm. Best wishes.


trishwalla - May 18

hi Dr Smith. last month we did IVF and i had a chemical pregnancy. when i got the pregnancy tests back they said my progesterone was low - i had been on vaginal suppositories post transfer.

this month we're doing a FET - the transfer is on Saturday (5/20). right now they have me on 2cc projesterone nightly. would you recommend i ask to be placed on crinone as well?



Dr Smith - May 18

You question is outside my area of expertise. Try posting your question on Dr Jacob's Infertility 101 Message Board. He is a reproductive endocrinologist and can better answer your question.



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