Immunolgy testing - help needed to interpret results
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Michelle` - January 27

Hi Dr,
I am hoping you can help me interpret my immunolgy results. Because I am having my fertility treatment abroad it is even more difficult to discuss these in detail with the doctor so any guidance would be much appreciated.
I am POF and have had 2 ED IVF cycles last year, my first cycle resulted in a BFN, I then had the immune tests done and the doctor added predesoline to my protocol and the second cycle resulted in a biochem pregnancy. I am currently planning my 3rd cycle and am wondering if I should be pushing for IVIG or anything else.
The results of my immune tests were as follows:

50:1 is 12.1
25:1 is 9.0
12.5:1 is 6.3
IgG conc 12.5 50:1 is 28.8
IgG conc 12.5 25:1 is 23.8
IgG conc 6.25 50:1 is 25.4
IgG 6.25 25:1 is 21.2
CD3% is 78.2
CD19% is 15.7
CD56% is 3.8
CD19+, CD5+ cells is 21.2

From reading various boards, I take it that my 50:1 is borderline, but because my 25:1 is more than 50% of the 50:1 this could be an issue?
I also take it that IVIG might not be helpful for me because my IgG conc 12.5 50:1 is higher than the 50:1 value?
Have I got this right? Any ideas what that means? I'm worried as it seems I need IVIG but it won't have any effect.
Also, are any of my other results cause for concern/ celeberation?

Any help much appreciated, this is very difficult to get my head around!



Dr Smith - January 27

I'm completely clueless about interpreting your results as if falls outside my area of expertise (it is in the clinical realm rather than the lab realm). Are their reference ranges for normal values on the report? If the NK cell concentration (CD56) is higher than normal, then IVIG is indicated, but without knowing what that particular lab considers a "normal" value for CD56, I can't really advise you. Actually, I probably shouldn't advise at all, since I don't know much about interpreting these values. Maybe Dr Jacob can help. Try posting on his Infertility 101 Message Board and see what he says.


Michelle - January 28

Thanks Dr Smith

I will try the other thread. My CD56 is within the normal range, however some of my other results are high.

Thanks again



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