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rachel223 - November 14

Dear Dr. Smith:
Yes, I know, I'm impatient. I had a blast transfer on Sat. the 11th with 2 blasts. One grade "A" and one grade "C." My doc seemed very optomistic. I have no history of any problems (I'm 27 years old and never tried for pregnancy before, just went to a fertility clinic because my husband had a vasectomy). I was advised by the nurse to not take a home pregnancy test for fear of false results, but of course, I didn't listen. I took the test and it came back not pregnant, which makes me worry since the nurse said I should get a false positive because the HcG shot should still be in my system. So, now the inevitable question is, does this mean that the blasts did not hatch properly or did not implant? I have a blood pregnancy test scheduled for the 20th. Now I just need feedback on a test that admittedly I shouldn't have concerned myself with in the first place! :'(


Dr Smith - November 16

Dear Impatient in Limbo. Lesson learned, I presume? You can drive yourself nuts with this stuff.

O.K. Here's the poop. You tested in the "in between" phase. The hCG from the trigger shot has worked out of your system and any hCG from an implantation hasn't reached a detectable level in you urine. Hang in there and if you're going to jump the gun, test the day before the blood test. That's about as early as the urine kit (which is much less sensitive than the blood test) will register a positive.


BekyVice - November 16

Dr. Smith, I must say that I comb this forum daily and not a DAY goes by that I don't learn something HUGE from you! You're simply amazing. No other forum(s) do what you do, know what you know, or say what you say (or how you say it). You are invaluable, and what you give these forums is worth thousands and thousands of dollars to us worry worts going through all of this. I know I speak for all of us when I say I wish we could pay you $$$$$ for what you do, but alas our hard earned dollars are going into IVF treatments. :P
All kidding aside, a huge thank you from me and I'm sure everyone else.


Dr Smith - November 16

Yer welcome. No worries.



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