HCG levels... low??
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jennlynne - December 7

Hi there-

I'm 32 years old... and we just completed an IVF cycle with good results. Just found out today I'm pregnant! But now I'm nervous since the HCG # was low... just 40 at 12 days past the transfer. We just put in one embryo... that was supposedly the strongest girl, a Day 5 "hatching embryo". I obviously get more bloodwork done in 48 hours, but am so nervous in the meantime. Is it true that Day 5 blastocysts can have lower HCG #'s? Do I have a good chance to make it through this with starting out that low? Your reply is very, very appreciated


Dr Smith - December 7

Medical question. I have forwarded your question to Dr Jane Miller, the RE I work with. Don't panic.


jennlynne - December 7

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing what your colleague has to say. We will be doing the 2nd beta tomorrow. Also, I wanted to let you know we did PGD... so we know she is a chromosomally normal embryo... hopefully this strengthens her chance for implanting & developing? Thank you and look forward to hearing back-


Dr Jane - December 8


I'm not telling you not to panic. I know how awful it is being in limbo. The next HCG will be helpful: If it goes up very quickly - more than doubles in the next 48 hrs.- things may be OK but - if it merely doubles it is too . low for where it should be clinically. If it continues to go up slowly and lags behind where it should be clinically that's a bad sign. I know that the PGD was reassuring but implantation is a complex process on a molecula level. There's alot about implantation that we don't know and alot of "embryo wastage"because of "implantation factor". Let's hope that your BHCG was just a low start.
Good luck!!


susannah - December 14

Hi I am about 6 weeks pregnant, i have had 2 previous miscarriages. On the 23/nov my hcg results were 105 on (25nov-198) (28/nov 401) (1/dec 805) (4/dec 1200) (13/dec 2658) I had a scan on the 5th dec and it showed a sac but it was empty. On the 10th i started to bleed a lttle, but then stopped on the 13th dec.

My next a scan was 13th dec and it showed i was 5-6weeks qith a yolk and postible fetal pole.

My next scan will be 21st december. I am really scared about these hcg results, is there any way my baby will survive.



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