HCG levels in early pregnancy
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michelea - January 28

I am 42 with history of very early miscarriages (1 natural, one after IUI and one after IVF, all on or around CD 37--PGD for my two IVF cycles indicated aneuploidy with approx 10/13 embryos). My husband has no male factor issues. I tested positive for PAI1 4g/5g polymorphism and have borderline low Protein S values. I started lovenox on 1/19. My LMP was 12/19, (natural cycle) I had a positive pregnancy test on the 17th. (I had some spotting on the 16th.) . HCG values:

1/17 52

1/19 171

1/22 560

1/24 696

1/27 746

My progesterone was initially low and I started injections on the 17th. the levels are now normal...

I know the pregnancy is probably not going to be viable.(is there any possiblity that the levels would "catch up"?)

what specifically in the development of the embryo is going on at this early stage that could cause this pattern?... I go back for one more level in 3 days and will come off the progesterone if no increase. What if the levels continue to rise very slowly? Would the progesterone be maintaining the pregnancy thus far? I have no spotting or cramping now at all.

Thanks very much for your input.



Dr Smith - January 30

Clinical question. Will pass on the Dr Jane.


michelea - January 31

Thanks very much. Added info is that I got my levels today and they dropped to 530, so the questions may be moot. How long does it usually take for the levels to come down to negative?


missy78 - March 23

I thought i was 6 weeks, started spotting, us showed no yolk sac, or signs of pregnancy. hcg levels r rising but only went from 3427 to 4845 in 2 days. still spotting after 4 days. no pain, just the normal cramping and lower back pain.. 4th pregnancy, all previous are healthy babies. I go for second us on monday. driving myself crazy with worry, hard not knowing whats going on. doctor thinks it may be ectopic, anyone out there with any answers to why this is happening...



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