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shansy - August 21


Today I got the call that I did get a BFP, however my hCG level is at 57. The nurse said they wanted a level around 100...she said that I may be in the 10% category who succeeds and makes it to a level of around 200 by Friday when I go to test again. I am 12dp3dt.

What do you think about my level being at 57? Do you think it is really bad and that I am doomed for a miscarriage? I had spotting for a couple of days on Friday and Saturday, but it has since stopped. It was very light. Could it be possible that my embryo didn't implant until late and that it is just now starting to produce the hCG?

Thanks for any info. you can provide!



Dr Smith - August 22

It ain't over 'till its over. Hang in there. 57 is ambiguous. Could go up, could go down. Impossible to predict. Late implantation could explain it. Wait and see what the number is not Friday. If it doulbles, that's good. If it goes down, its over. If that turns out to be the case, even a "chemical" provides useful information. The embryo made it to the blastocyst stage, attached and intiated implantation. It provides one more piece of the puzzle.


shansy - August 25

Thank you Dr. Smith for your earlier reply...well my 2nd beta came in at 260 (16dp3dt) compared to Monday's 57 (12dp3dt) so it seems as if it more than doubled every 48 hrs.

My nurse still isn't convinced that I am doing OK though, she said I am still not out of the woods since my number started so low- that it may have implanted in the wrong place or that it may just not be a good pregnancy. I wanted to ask- do you agree with these statements? I thought I could be happy with the fact that the number quadrupled in 4 days.

I guess I am just looking for some reassurance so that I can celebrate this milestone. ;) I appreciate any insight you may have.



Dr Smith - August 28

I agree with the nurse. Don't celebrate just yet. If the hCG continues to rise, weekly ultrasounds will be scheduled. When you can see the fetal heartbeat, then you can cautiously celebrate. Things can still go wrong during the first trimester, but, because of your age, the chances of that are low. Best of luck.



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