Fresh vs. Frozen Sperm
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Dr Smith - August 3

Yes, I think this is an excellent plan.

I have never thawed a vial of frozen donor sperm that did not contain at least enough sperm for ICSI. Most banks guarantee, if you use their thawing protocol, somewhere between 10-12 million motile sperm post thaw. That shouldn't be a concern.

Best of luck.


DianaEvans2 - August 4

Hi Dr. Smiith:

thanks again for your lucidity in explaining the aspiration technique and my "holes". It was ALSO reassuring to know how it contrasts to what happens in a natural pregnancy.

Well: 3 out of 4 embryos made it. 8,5,4 cells and look unfragmented to my untrained cookie crumbles... The RE doing the transfer said one (most likely the 8 cell-??) was compacting already... and that was good? I guess so. Don't know why the fourth fertilized and then lost its oomphh. It wasn't even good enough to be watched.

So we shall see if third time is a charm. I hope all the horrendous heat and humidity haven't affected my body's incubation capabilities. I've been staying indoors and am resting totally for 4 days now. Would resting Monday make a difference? I tend to be very active when inside my work building but can easily work at home with cable connection and 2 phones.

Teri-chan: in my many readings on various sites, I recall seeing a Danish sperm bank in Copenhagen. If you live on the east coast, the logistics are not that bad for flying sperm around....same time as from California Crypbank. 6 hours or so. The reason I thought of the Danish bank was the angle from my girlfriend who's half Japanese/Danish. I would think that in many of the larger European cities (London, Paris, Frankfurt, etc), there are many folks of bi-cultural backgrounds and some could be donors. At least I observed this from working abroad twice. I might have other recalls as I incubate here....feel free to email me, so I don't further burden Dr. Smith's board here.... [email protected]

Wishing everyone a fantastic Friday!


Dr Smith - August 8

If you had a Day 3 transfer, resting for more than 3 days will not help. By then, either the embryos have attached and intitated implantation, or the didn't. Once attached (and probably even before), moving around will not affect the outcome. Best of luck.


DianaEvans2 - August 9

Thanks so ever much for your insights, Dr. Smith. Your assessment put my mind at rest-thank you!!

Turns out, I did go to work on Monday(y-day) after resting 3 full days from the transfer last Thursday. Ironically, I got promoted last Friday, so I had to really show up on Monday. I am not super optimistic about this IVF now as I am feeling rather barfy/achy as if my period were arriving. But I'm all out of synch, so it could just be the full moon too. Thanks again for your time and trouble.



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