flaxseed oil before implantation
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paige - April 19

Hi I am at the moment very healthy eating a diet of about 1300 calories six times a day every three hours and staying very hydrated. I work out five days a week and have now been taking in one tbl spoon of flaxseed daily with primrose oil, prenatal,calcium mag and zinc,vit b,vitc and chrondrotin/glucosamine. Am I taking in too much should I up the flaxseed oil. What will maximize chance of implatation. I am into the fitness world and just don't want to over do or miss something I could be doing. Thank you


Dr Smith - April 19

Despite the claims on the product packages, none of the herbal supplements that you are taking have been shown to improve reproductive capacity. The FDA does not regulate herbal or naturopathic remedies and therefore the manufacturers of these products are not bound to support their advertising claims with any scientific studies. In essence, they can claim anything on the box and they do. In many cases, these herbal preparations actually are detrimental to the reproductive process.

If you are having difficulty in conceiving, seek the advise of a Reproductive Endocrinologist. The real issue is egg quality, not fitness (as demonstrated by the fact that overweight people conceive every day). If you are over 35, the majority of your eggs are genetically abnormal and no herbal supplement will change that. You need to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs on a given cycle to compensate for the diminished developmental capacity of the aging eggs.


paige - April 20

Thank you for your response. I have done invitro twice and next week will be my last frozen cycle. I have 8 to 10 cell eggs. I was just asking the questions so I can best prepare my body for implantation. I am 31 and in good shape but can bare to lose ten pounds can that hurt my chances? Does implanting more help? The first one we did three the second we did four and now I have nine frozen and we are only doing this one more time! All your advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you


Dr Smith - April 20

Don't worry about the ten extra pounds. Actually, being too skinny can interfer with reproduction more than being a [i]little[/i] overweight.

Transfering more than three 8-10 cell embryos will not increase your chances of pregnancy. It will, however, increase your chances of high order multiple gestation (triplets+). If the embryos do not survive the thaw intact (i.e. they loose one or more cells during the thaw), then it may be acceptable to increase the number of embryos transferred to compensate for the diminshed developmental capacity of the embryos.

Flaxseed oil contains lignan precursors which, when metabolized, may act as very weak estrogens (phytoestrogens). Their mode of action is poorly understood and there is no clinical evidence to suggest they improve uterine receptivity. There are some reports that lignans actually have an anti-estrogenic effect and may be detrimental to endometrial development. I would strongly recommend that you stop taking Flaxseed oil. Primrose oil provides the precursor for Prostaglindin E1 and promotes the build up of PGE1 in the uterine tissues. PGE1 causes strong uterine contractions and is used to induce abortions. A build up of PGE1 in the uterus prior to embryo transfer is asking for trouble. I would strongly recommend that you stop taking Primrose oil immediately.

As I mentioned in my previous post, herbal supplements can be detrimental and since the manufacturers can claim anything, the consumer gets duped. [i]Caveat Emptor[/i] - Buyer Beware!


paige - April 21

Thank you so much for the advice I was actually increasing both of those starting tomorrow. I also take vit E, vit C, multi B, prenatal, cal mag zinc, chrondroitin and glucosamine sulfate with msn at the right dosages. Is there anything wrong with these things. Also I tan in a tanning bed should I cut this out a few days before transfer? Thank you very much for all your help!


Dr Smith - April 22

The other things you are taking are fine. The tanning bed is fine too. Good luck.


paige - April 24

Thankyou so much!!!



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