FET with blasts
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Denise - April 21

I wrote you last week "1st IVF". Thank you for your response (40-50% chance of viable pregnancy). Found out yesterday that it was a chemical pregnancy ( sooooo sad). Beta 9dp5dt with two blasts was 24 and two days later it went to 10. I am told by my clinic that they froze 3 "good" blasts on day six. I am moving forward with a FET after a natural cycle. My questions are what are the odds of these blasts surviving the thaw and my chances of conception. Feeling a bit hopeless today after coming so close.


denise - April 21

Also, they said they don't do assisted hatching on blasts. They said it is damaging to the blast although I see that you do this and must assume they just are not confident with their ability to do this successfully. Since I had a chemical pregnancy would it then be safe to assume that my future FET could be successful without AH? Thank you for all your time and expertise.


Dr Smith - April 22

Take heart! Your chances are good (about 50/50) with an FET of 3 thawed blastocysts. Unlike Day 3 cell stage embryos, blastocyst stage embryos survived freezing and thawing very well. Hang in there.

The protocol I use for hatching blastocyst stage embryos does not harm the embryo. In our center, we have seen a significant increase in blastocyst implantation rate following assisted hatching. The hatching protocol was published in the following scientific paper:

Sagoskin AW, et a. (2002) Healthy twin delivery after day 7 blastocyst transfer coupled with assisted hatching. Fertil Steril. 77:615-7.

You may forward this information to the embryologist at your clinic. They can contact me if they have any questions.


Denise - April 22

Dr. Smith,
Thank you for your answer. As far as hatching I am reluctant to let my blasts be the first they try the new protocol on. If they don't do you think I still have a 50/50 chance given that I have already had a chemical pregnancy thus at least one of my blasts have implanted in the last cycle?


Dr Smith - April 22

Yeah, I know what you mean. Nobody wants to be a Guinea Pig. I'd still say 50/50, if all embryos survive the thaw (and they should) and all three embryos are transferred.



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