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Nates Mom - December 24

I'm sitting here beside my napping 8-week old son (a day 5 morula transfer :)), and wondering what to expect regarding our frozen embryos. To be honest, I now have 2 children, and had never planned on having more. But I am one of those people who has ended up with frozen embryos left over, and we have decided that for us the right choice would be to transfer them. The 2 embryos are 6 cell, grade 2 and 14 cell, grade 2. These are 3rd choice embryos from a cycle in which we had 2 failures (1 fresh, 1 frozen); my son was conceived during a 2nd fresh cycle. What is your feeling about the likelihood of success? No need to be diplomatic given the circumstances I have described. Do you think I should expect a success rate less than average for my clinic in my age group (37)? Also, just for my own edification, when a day 5 embryo has only made it to the morula stage, as in my experience, do you generally see less resulting pregnancies? And are morulas graded at all? I always got the feeling that my RE was a little pessimistic at the time of transfer, but he never admitted it. Perhaps I will ask him at the next appt. :)
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Dr Smith - January 8

Your chances are pretty slim following transfer of the two embryos you described. Your chances would certaily be less than the usual FET rate at your program. I don't think you'll have to worry about another college education.

Yes, the pregnancy rate is lower when morula stage embryos are transferred on Day 5, hence the pessimism of your RE at transfer. HOWEVER, as you can attest, Day 5 morulas are not out of the game. A Day 5 morula is approximately one day behind in development, but has until Day 7 to catch up, reach the blastocyst stage and implant. Morulas are not graded per se, they are descibed as compacted or not. Compacted is a more advanced stage and has a better chance of implantation. Congratulations on you success.



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