FET Chances
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irishsweetie2003 - January 29

So, I know you guys just hate these questions. My RE just says the chances are good and they don't get into it.
I am healthy... Very healthy, no reproductive issues at all. Just rotten luck with 2 blighted ovums and a chemical when trying to concieve naturally. All of which is being blamed on my husbands low count and not that great with the other aspects... Yet the ones that appear healthy are really heathy and were used in our 1st and only IVF cycle.
I am 31 (the first cycle was done when I was 29-30 and we froze the extra). My husband is 35 and healthy other then the hereditary blood pressure issues (stage 2 hypertention).
So, we did a fresh cycle... Inserted two 5AA blansts (day 5).... Two took and created a sack. One reobsorbed (disapearing twin sydrome or something) and we were left with a very healthy baby boy born 15 months ago. Gotta love the super uterine lining that likes to hold onto any egg that implants...
So, I had my 2nd blighted ovum a couple weeks ago. No ryme or reson but feel that my husbands high blood pressure may be the cause of the abnormalities and my body just seems to want to hold onto the pregnancy.
Performed a D&C and the OBGYN said they didn't have to go deep to remove the blighted ovum and my lining will be perfect to start trying again with in 6 weeks.
RE is scedualing a FET after my first bleed...
This is what we had...
Out of 12 eggs extracted: 6 fertilized grew great and on target, then on day 5 I had:
- two 5AA which I transfered and explained on top.
- two 4AA (one developed into a 5AA by later that mourning just before freezing)
-two 3AB
I froze the 4 I didn't use...
This time around... I am planning on using the 4AA that turnedinto a 5AA and a 4AA...(was told it might turn to 5AA after thawing because it was really close).
Trying to make a practical dicision that will be in the best interests of myself and the baby...
If I transfer only the 5AA...FET... What are my chances of conception (Very good clinic with very good sucess rates and always pushes to go to blast)
If I insert the 5AA and the 4AA which might turn into a 5AA.... What are my chances of sucees, and what are my risks of multiple...

I don't like the idea of reduction, but am open to it if I have to... My body does great with pregnancies, and I'm sure I could swing the twins... I have 3 other children. 2 were concieved naturally by my X and me... So, it'smore of making sure that we can handle 5 if this turns to a twin pregnancy. We want to know the facts so over the next couple of weeks, we can make a rational decision instead of making a spontanious decision the mourning of the transfer.




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