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joebob - January 10

Dear Dr Smith

I am writing to you to ask your advice again. I spoke with you back in September and your advice was most helpful.

I am writing with regard to the FET process. I have three embryos frozen they are very young and were frozen very early on as my implantation was day three. Could you answer the questions and give your advice it would be so much appreciated.

Firstly, with the FET process do you have to take drugs, syndrol I believe is what they would have me take in sniffer form .. the same as I took with IVF cycle which made me ill.

Secondly, I can prove that my cycle comes within day 27 and 28 mainly day 28 and has done since the ivf cycle. IF I do have to take the drugs why is it essential?

Thirdly, would it be advisably if the embryos survive the thaw process to let them go to the blatocyst stage?

As the ivf cycle failed and this is the remaining part of the cycle I kinder feel obligated to give the embryos a chance however, the clinic are more interested in getting it over and done with as they want me to proceed with another cycle at £5,000 plus. If my clinic don't do blatocyst would it be adviseable to change clinics.

Thank you once again for your time,



Dr Smith - January 13

It is possible to perform an FET during a natural cycle, if your cycles are regular.

I always advise to culture the thawed embryos to the blastocyst stage. At least then you will know that the embryos were able to continue development to a point where they are capable of attachment and implantation (they must reach the blastocyst stage in order to attach the the endometrium). However, most programs are reluctant to do so becasue very few frozen-thawed Day 3 embryos continue to develop to the blastocyst stage. Programs are worried that the patient will perceive that outcome as a failing on the part of the lab. Its not the lab's fault, but still they are worried the patient will think that.



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