Extreemly young and TCC.. HELP!
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deseounamadre - November 10

ok, so I am turning 20 in a month, i am a patient at RSC My husband is 29 and has an extreemly low sperm count, so low that we cant get preg with IUI the only thing that is possible is IVF (inserting the sperm into the egg) we went to go try that, and after one cycle the doctor recomended that we dont do IVF again because of the risk of the anestisia (i have asthma, and i stopped breathing while they were trying to take the eggs out) when we got out of the docs that day, i got a call saying my eggs were no good and that this was a wasted cycle, went into the docs to have them tell me that i shouldnt do IVF again and if i wanted to get a second opinion i could. My husband and I have now decided we want a baby no matter what, and that maybe we could try the IUI with donor sperm I have been looking into it and have seen alot of information saying the chance of getting pregnant is very slim, but all the information ive found is on 30 year olds and older, since i will only be 20 when i do this does anyone know the odds of getting pregnant by IUI with donor sperm in 20 year olds????????? PLEASE let me know


June_First_2006 - November 11

Even though age does play a small factor, and with you being young you have a better chance...BUT I think what you need to find out first is why was the eggs that the doctors worked on before a bad batch??? How long have you been trying and have you ever gotten pregnant before? Have you tried anything to get your husbands count up??? I think once you find out why your eggs weren't good things will look much clearer to you on what to do next.


deseounamadre - November 11

well, the docs have said that its wouldtn do anything giving him meds to try to raise the count .. they count has gotten lower and lower every time.. last check it was at 2.7 million.. .. as for my eggs .. they think they gave me too much lupron, and i hyperstimulated ..so over all it wasnt a great cycle.. alot of complications....hopefully it will work this time. i go to the docs on mon to figure out exactly what is going to happen this time around with the IUI


deseounamadre - November 11

btw , weve been trying for almost 2 years and ive been preg before, but not with him.. miscarried each time.


Dr Smith - November 15

I agree with June_First2006. Lets find out the story on the eggs. Have you been diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)? If so, that may explain the hyperstimulation and egg quality. First, you need a second opinion on your diagnosis. Sometimes when there is a severe male factor, the doc assumes that the a young female partner is fine. This may not be the case and I think you may need a more detailed diagnostic workup. Second opinion...

Assuming you don't have PCOS, hyperstimulation leads to crappy eggs. Simple as that. Another cycle, managed better, may result in a "good" crop of eggs. Again, a second opinion would help here.

I agree with you doc that there are no controlled, well designed, scientific studies with an adequate number of patients to demonstrate any effective treatment for oligozoospermia (low sperm concentration). IVF/ICSI is the work around of choice.

As long as your tubes are open, donor sperm IUI is always an option, but I'd put that on hold for now. If you decide to persue the line of treatment, I'd say your chances are about 20-25% per stimuated cycle (but you are a huge risk for high order multiple gestation - i.e. triplets, quads, etc). Natural cycle insemination puts your odds at about 10-15% per cycle.


deseounamadre - November 15

well, we have done the tests its not pcos, its not blocked tubes or anything like that .. they tested me first before finding out it was him that was why we couldnt get pregnant, but i have no choice with the IVF .. the docs will not let me do it again because i stopped breathing my only choice now is donor sperm and let me just tell you it is extreemly hard trying to pick 1 donor out of 15 sites lol


deseounamadre - November 15

BTW, its ok if we have twins or trips... both of us would be more than happy not to have to do this stuff again, we want 2-3 kids of our own (he has a daughter but we would like 2-3 by us) ... so if we were to get preg with twins we would be extreemly happy


Dr Smith - November 16

Twin pregnancies are considered "high risk" and usually involve best rest during the third trimester. The babies are always born prematurely and many have developmental problems. Triplets are much more serious problem and most often ends in miscarriage and the loss of all the babies. Hit your husband with the prospect of 2 or 3 simultaneous first cars, college expenses, weddings, etc, etc. Feel your bank account rapidly dwindling? So, as much as you'd like an instant family, its really not a good idea for a variety of medical and social reasons.

In certain areas in the US, a procedure called selective fetal reduction is available. Triplet and higher pregnancies can be reduded to twin or single pregnancies by injecting a toxic substance in to amniotic sac of one or more of the developing fetus(es) ad allowing it to die. Although perfectly practical from a medical point of view, this takes a lot guts to do and no looking back.

Think long a hard about this one.


deseounamadre - November 16

i do understand what your saying, believe me it has been drilled into my head and my husband's head.. our doctor is very persistant in letting us know that. whatever happens happens, we will thrive no matter how many we have



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