Embryos arrested
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ACDC26 - July 6

I am 27, as is my DH. I have no know fertility problems, and DH has an average sperm count of 13 million. We just completed our first IVF cycle, that resulted in a negative. I am curious to find some information as to why our cycle may have failed. 20 eggs were retreived, and 11 fertilized. 3 were transferred, but only 1 made it to the 8 cell stage. The remaining 8 embryos arrested. Any ideas????


Dr Smith - July 7

When embryos arrest development prior to reaching the 8-cells stage, it is usually attributed to a problem with the eggs. Egg problems can be caused by mismanagement of the stimulation (too long, too short) or may be due to problems inherent in the eggs (e.g. genetic abnormalities). It is important to remember that IVF, in addition to increasing your chances of becoming pregnant, may also provide important diagnostic information. Although you had no known fertility problems prior to doing IVF, the embryonic development observed during IVF may be a clue as to why you were not getting pregnant before. Of course, with your husbands sperm parameters and your young age, no one had any reason to suspect that there may be a contributing egg problem. I'm sure this comes as a bit of a shock. The "egg problem" still hasn't be confirmed. The problems with embryo development could have been due to mismanagement of the stimulation or a bad batch of eggs and, on a subsequent cycle with a different protocol, you may do fine.

I would try another cycle with a slightly different stimulation protocol. If it turns out the same or different, I'd say you have your answer.

Best of luck.


ACDC26 - July 10

Dr. Smith,
Thank you so much for your reply. I will admit that wasn't the news I was hoping for, but I least I have some direction now. I go to my Dr. tomorrow, so maybe we can devise a plan...




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