Embryo Transfer
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sblanton2 - February 4

Dr. Smith,
I am in the 2ww of my first cycle of ICSI, bottom line 22 eggs were retrieved, 18 mature 14 fertilized but only 8 fertilized normally. Out of this I ended up with 4 8 cell grade 2 3 grade 3's and 1 they wouldn't dream of transferring. My embroyologist said he very rarely gives an embryo a grade of 1 b/c there is usually something not quite perfect , he said egg quality looked good but b/c of the ICSI sometimes the sperm is not able to fertilize. They transferred 2 of the 8 cell grade 2's b/c I have four daughters conceived naturally and he told me in a patient such as me it would be natural to only transfer 1. What would you estimate my chances of conceiving with 2 8 cell grade 2's transferred, and does my past fertility play a role?

Thank you,


Dr Smith - February 4

It's difficult to predict because, in cases where there are sperm problems and ICSI is required, fewer of the embryos that are at the 8-cell on Day 3 reach the blastocyst stage on Day 5. The embryo must reach the blastocyst stage before implantation can occur. The fact that the embryos reached the 8-cell stage on Day 3 is good, but not necessarily predictive of success.


sblanton2 - February 7

Just wanted to tell you I have gotten my first positive pregnancy test results!!!! I am thrilled Thank you so much for your advice.



Dr Smith - February 7

Congratulations! Cautious optimism at this point. There's a ways to go yet. Hang in there.

Also, I forgot to answer one of your previous questions. Yes, previous term deliveries are a positive indicator, depending on how long ago they were.


sblanton2 - February 7

Thank you sir, I know...one step at a time. My levels 12 days post transfer were 239.8 which my clinic says is a strong result, I go back tomorrow. Thank you so much for all your help, you and Dr. Jacobs saved my sanity during this ordeal. Bless you both for donating your time.



Dr Smith - February 8

A 239 at 12 days post transfer is a strong result and things look good so far. You'll know more when they perform an ultrasound in a couple of weeks. Hang in there.



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