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Goksel - September 9

This is our first IVF cycle and I took my wife to her second US and E2 level test and we were told by the doctor that they can not get to her ovaries therefore we can not continue with IVF but they are going to try artificial insemination. My question is to you all about any known new technology or a way to retrieve eggs? she has got 4 days to take HCG and need an answer desperately.

She is 39 yrs old and she was pregnant on her own two times this year, first one was ectopic and caused her to lose one of her tubes and the second one was a regular pregnancy but at 8 weeks they did not hear heart beat so she had to have D&C done, Prior to all this she had a surgery to have septum removed in her uterus which would have caused early birth or baby to come back wards.

We have been married 12 years and she has never become pregnant naturally but miraculously she became pregnant on her own after the septum removal surgery despite the fact that she has PCOS and hypothyrodism but as I mentioned earlier both pregnancies were unsuccessfull. :'(

Now we are finally going through our first IVF cycle and we found out that she has some follicles but they can not get to it, I do not understand how the can not get to her ovaries? at this day and age almost everything is possible. I feel like they do not want to try hard enough not to hurt their stats for the hospital.

your responses greatly appreciated


Dr Smith - September 9

This is more of a medical question and I'm not a physcian. I think Dr Jacobs (Infertility 101 Message Board) would do a better job of answering your question. Please also post your question there. I'll answer it the best I can.

I think the problem is that the ovaries cannot be visualized using a vaginal ultrasound probe. Visualization using the vaginal probe is necessary because the ovarian follicles that contain the eggs are aspirated using a needle attached to the vaginal ultrasound probe. If the physician can't see the ovaries with the vaginal probe, he can't aspirate the follicles to obtain the eggs. The only other way to obtain the eggs is by aspiration of the follicles during laparoscopy. This method was used in the early days of IVF, but because of its requirement for hospitalization, general anesthesia and a general inefficiency in obtaing the eggs, it was abandoned for ultrasound guided, transvaginal follicle aspiration about 20 years ago.

I don't think they are trying to maintain their statistics. We, too, have had to cancel stimulation cycles for the same reason. Poor visualization of the ovaries is usually caused by an ecess of fatty tissue between the posterior vaginal wall and the ovaries. We recommend weight loss for these patients.



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