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hoping4another - August 12

Just wanting your valuable thoughts!

Study Links Stem Cells in Marrow to Fertility

A controversial new theory produced by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital suggests that women may not be born with a finite number of eggs but may be able to produce new eggs throughout their life. Current scientific knowledge dictates that women only have so many eggs present in their ovaries that will last them from their teen years through to menopause. However, this new theory, suggested by Dr. Jonathan Tilley, states that stem cells found in bone marrow can be sent to the ovaries through the blood stream and, through a series of signals, facilitate the production of new eggs in the ovaries if needed. Dr. Tilley’s theory is mainly based on his findings in mice but also on cases of women unexpectedly conceiving after receiving chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. In addition to examining the theory in female mice, Dr. Tilley is also investigating whether a similar regeneration of the reproductive cells can occur in males. Understandably, though, the theory has been received with great skepticism by the scientific community although there are a number of supporters for the theory. If Dr. Tilley is able to prove his theory, it may lead to new ways to deal with female infertility and even prevent menopause from occurring.
Nicholas Wade, The New York Times


Dr Smith - August 15

Interesting theory, but as the Times article states, there is very little scientific evidence to support this. That is not to say that it isn't worthy of addition research. I think they should follow up with additional stucies. However, reproductive studies in mice cannot usually be extrapolated to humans. I think they should follow up using the primate animal model as it more closely resembles the reproductive processes on humans.



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