Dr Smith, really need your thoughts...
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4everhopeful - June 6

Hi :) Sorry to trouble you again Dr Smith, but wondered what you make of this...
Last Friday, I spoke to our embryologist about another SA to see if we were eligible for IUI with my husbands sperm. Anyway, I got talking to her about our recent failed cycle and our embryo's. On embryo transfer day, she very clearly told us that our remaining three embryo's had one pro-nucleated cell and couldn't be used fresh or frozen. (You explained to me what this meant.).
On Friday however, with our notes in front of her, she told me that 2 out of the 3 remaining embryo's were multi-nucleated, which she said was caused by the egg thinking it's been fertilized when it hasn't. She pointed out also that this is quite common, especially when ladies are on the higher doses of stims, like I was. She said our other "left over" embryo was simply a grade 3 and therefore wasn't a good enough quality to freeze.
I'm confused now, because this is a really different story to what she told us on transfer day ??? :-\ When I questioned the change of story, she brushed over it, making out she never said 1 pro-nucleated cell at all :o
What makes it even stranger is when we had our follow up appointment, re: failure, our consultant, who had our notes in front of him, said we had 3 grade 2's and 2 grade 3's, and that the reference to pro-nucleated, just meant that they had fertilized normally ???

A similar thing happened after our first IVF cycle. On e/t day we were told that out of 5 eggs injected, 4 fertilized, but the two "left over" ones were too fragmented to freeze. On our notes, which our IVF nurse showed, us, it said 1 grade 1, 2 grade 2's, and 1 grade 3. Yet when I spoke to the embryologist about this cycle, she said we only had 3 fertilized, and the other one died, shortly after. Which completly contradicts the notes that we saw ??? :-\

I'm just wondering if they're muddling us up with other patients, or if there's something fishy going on, and wondered what you make of it?
Also if we are getting multi-nucleated embryo's, doe this mean there's a problem with some of my eggs?
Many Thanks Dr Smith :)
Nat :)


Dr Smith - June 8

Depending on the severity of the ASA problem, it may be possible to perform a conventional IVF insemination. However, to avoid taking chance of failed fertilization, insemination by ICSI has become the standard of care for ASA patients. You are probably better off with ICSI.

I'm glad you found a better clinic. Sounds like you're on the right track. Have your records evaluated at the new clinic and see what they recommend. Good luck.


4everhopeful - June 9

Thankyou! We're currently waiting on the results of my husband's latest SA, to see if IUI is possible or if it's going to have to be a third round of ICSI. :-\
I'm still waiting for my AF to start (been 6 wks now and still no sign) before we make an appointment with the new clinic, but we will be making sure they have a good look over our records when we have our initital consultation.
Many thanks for all your helpful advice, I really appreciate it ;D
Nat 8)



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