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jeanice - October 20

I have been pregnant 7 times total. 6 were natural. The last 2 of the 6 were
tubals. Not in the middle of the tube but half in the tube and half in the uterus.
Right at the edge. The second tubal, the doctor gave me methatrexate(sp), and I developed bleeding open sores around my nipples, on my arms and on my stomach. It was mostly around my nipples and breasts. The hospital gave me
morphine for 2 straight days and accidently gave me codine when I was allergic
to codine. It took 10 months of Luperon to get rid of the open sores/bleeding.
I was 38 at this point. I had also been complaining about my leg going numb
and all doctors ignored me for 2 years prior to this. I had the HSP done 2 x and they found NO scaring. My IVF and gyno did explor.surgery and found a fibroid tumor the same size as my uterus outside lodged on my ovary and intestine. They removed it and then I did IVF 3 weeks later. Maybe too soon, I did IVF 15 fertilized grade A eggs. They did a day 3 transfer and it happened to fail. They transferred 3 eggs, 10celled, 9 celled and 8 celled. My IVF would not transfer
more since I had been pregnant on my own 2 times in the past year. I did
another IVF cycle and my fsh went from 7.6 to 10.2 but we did it anyway.
12 eggs fertilized to Grade A again. He transferred 4 and I got pregnant. Oddly
enough, my attachment was in the 1% of high in the uterus. CVS was done
but like an amnio because they could not reach in CVS. Everything ok on
CVS but lost the baby at 6 months with placenta problems. (bed rest from 4 weeks on). All the eggs prior were attempted to be grown to blastocysts and
none made it.

Went to Colorado after that to get additional testing because I had always had
severe burning, feel like something is crawling in me, after my husband and I
have sex. (Have to take a bath after for relief) Doctor there looked at everything and was the first doctor to point the finger at my Husbands sperm,
even though it looks good. He said he would bet it was the sperm because I
had never had any problems like this til my husband and the irritation is weird.

Ivf failed and we have done it 3 times since. All my eggs grade A. All 9 celled
and above until the last one. We moved to donor eggs with a donor that had 3 prior success. Age 23. The embryos did not multiply well. Very slow
with the donor. 1-7 celled, 2-6 celled, rest 5, and 4 celled on day 3. Now since
this was not my eggs, I could not be the problem here and it is hard for me to
believe it is the donor( who had 5+ blastocysts on the prior couples)(all got pregnant)

I still felt the same weird rejection feeling on about day 3 after the transfer
almost like something was happening in my uterus. Everytime I have felt this,
I have not been pregnant. I do not know what do from here. I do not believe anyone has ever figured out why my husbands sperm bothers me so
much. Also, with 2 tubals 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the tube, right at the edge,
and with my pregnancy implanting right at the top of the uterus, it makes me
think something is possibly happening in the rest of my uterus? I don' t know
but I am tired of all of this and have a very bleak outlook on the frozen embryos
from the donor. (I made doctor freeze them on day 3 since I had already spent
sooo much money on 5 IVFs with the day 5 growing --and loosing all the fert.

I think something is happening in my body now. I am rejecting my husbands
genetic material. I am 41 now, just turned and am at the end of my ropes.
I can not believe that all my eggs have been bad, now the donor eggs are bad.
Something else is happening here and I need help before I can never conceive
because I am in Menopause.

Is there anything they can check in the uterus, after transfer, mucus to see
what is happening? Husbands sperm? Did all anti -sperm tests, nothing shows up. Please advise me Dr. Smith. I am to the point I can not
sleep at night thinking that everyone is missing something. Do you have any
Ideas? I can not take one more shot, keep my life on hold anymore. I could
breath and get pregnant until my husband and never had any of these problems, irritations. I know I have a lot to think about but something is going
wrong here. I am very sensitive with my body and always have. I have a drink
about 1 or 2 times a month and have never smoked or did drugs. I have had
a very clean life. Help.


Dr Smith - October 21

I cannot address any of the medical issues, as these are outside my field of expertise (which is sperm, eggs and embryos). I would suggest that you also post your history and questions on Dr Jacob's Infertility 101 Message Board.

From the reproductive biologist point of view, two issues come to mind.

If your husband has not already been tested for sperm DNA fragmentation, I would suggest that before attempting another IVF cycle. Excessive DNA fragmentation may explain the relatively low blastocyst formation rate with your husband's sperm and donated eggs. If your husband's sperm DNA is highly fragmented and causing problems with the embryo development, then you may want to consider also using donated sperm. For more information on the impact of excessive sperm DNA fragmentation, see www.scsadiagnostics.com or www.repromedix.com

The second issue is that you may have aquired an immunological problem that is interfering with implantation. I would suggest that you have immunological testing for abnormal activation of natural killer (NK) cells before attempting an FET. For more information on immunological disorders that impair implantation, see www.repromedix.com or www.millenova.com



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