Dr. Smith
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Christie - November 7


Thank you for the response.

In my previous cycle all of my eggs fertilized naturally on the first day. They divided great and looked to be super. My doctor was surprised as were the Emboylist, the nurse, and my acupuncturist. Me too. I aam not sure why they did not go the distance but I will try one more time then go for donor. I am just wondering if I should go for donor now. Other women my age + have had healthy babies and naturally, no sub. hormones given. I really do not know what to do to be honest.



Dr Smith - November 8

In order to advise you, I need more information. How old are you? How many eggs were retrieved? How many embryos were transferred and on what day (3 or 5)? What happened to any remaining embryos?


Christie - November 12


42 yrs. 1 ovary
6 eggs retrieved, on third day we had 2 eight cell, 2 seven cell, 1 six cell, and 1 five cell.

on third day we transfered 2 eight cell and 2 seven cell embryos

the six cell went to the fifth day, I believe, and then stopped dividing, and the five cell just stopped after the third day.

I wanted to try one more time. My last cycle had 4 follicles with one dominient follicle, so we cancelled



Dr Smith - November 15

I think you should try one more time with your own eggs. However, you will need at least 6 mature follicles to make the attempt worthwhile. You were wise to cancel the cycle when you developed only four follicles. Best of luck on you next stim.


Christie - November 18

Hi Dr. Smith,

My doc thinks I should just go straight to donor. He does not think I will stimulate and that my one little ovary will not produce quality eggs. I did have 6 seemingly beautiful eggs, but if they were good enough they would have resulted in a pregnancy. My doc says that even if I should get pregnant then perhaps I will miscarry because of the eggs quality.

You are the only person that has said perhaps I should try again. My doc says my trying again is only for my phycology and my grief is to be experienced again. My first doctors were just as negative from the very beginning, and, all because of my age, I should go straight to donor eggs.

If I did/ could posiibbility get preg w/my own eggs, what are the chances of birth defects? Are they so much greater because of my age. Should I just let go and move forward.

I am sooo sad and confused. I also do not want to wait so long to get pregnant, the trying over and over just to have grief each month, especially while my body is getting back to "normal". I am also so tired of the two month waiting in between, getting poked with needles, the weight gain, 15 - 20 lbs over the last 8 months, that I fight to control from the meds, with no pg results...yet.

Perhaps I should just go to a donor, but that scares me too for other reasons.

I should be positive and happy and move forward.

I apologize, but my emotions are tearing me in half at the moment.


Dr Smith - November 18

It is true that you are much more likely to achieve a term pregnancy using donor eggs, but the decision to us donated eggs does not come easily. If you are considering the use of donated eggs, I would suggest that you and your husband see a counselor together to discuss the issues associated with using donate eggs. Perhaps your doctor could suggest a counselor with experience in this area. If you are in the NYC metro area, I could suggest someone.



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