Day 6 transfer 2 grade blastocyst
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PinkGirl - January 29

I am 28 and my DH is 28 as well. I had an ectopic in my R tube in May and my L tube had a hydro. Both tubes were removed via surgery in May. This is our 1st ivf cycle. Retrieval day we had 16 follicles and 15 fertilized. By Day 3 we still had 10 fertilized and they rescheduled us for a Day 5. They called on Day 5 and said the embryos weren't where they wanted them to be in the blastocyst stage so they rescheduled for Day 6. Day 6 we had 2 - grade 2 embies transferred. I'm worried because the embryos weren't exactly top quality. I am supposed to test on Feb. 9th. Anyone have experience with this or had good results?



Dr Smith - January 31

The embryos were behind schedule. They should have been fully expanded (i.e. grade 3 or 4) by the am of Day 6. Could you still get pregnant? Sure. There is some biological variation in the speed of development of embryos. As long as the embryos reach the fully expanded stage and "hatch" out of the protein coat that surounds the embryo by Early Day 7, they could attach and implant. If it takes them longer than the morning of Day 7 to reach this stage, the "implantation window" will close and the endometrium will not allow implantation.


PinkGirl - January 31

Dr. Smith,
I'm confused now. The ivf clinic called on Day 5 (orginally had it scheduled for Day 5) and said they had not reached the blastocyst stage yet. On Day 6 he said they were a grade 2 and not perfect - with some fragmentation ??? They were only planning on putting one back but put two back - I guess b/c they weren't the best quality? So are you saying that if they didn't catch up to hatch by day 7 then they wouldn't have time to implant? Also, I should add that there weren't any leftover to freeze. Does this play any part on the outcome of the 2 they put back in? ex. those didn't make it so why would the others? Would the fact they implanted 2 lower quality embryos on day 6 lower the % of pregnancy? They indicated approximately 50%.

Thank You,



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