bleeding 7 days post e/t
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4everhopeful - May 4

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me :)
My first ICSI cycle failed in Nov 04, with me bleeding on day 11 of the 2ww. I'm currently in the 2ww of my second ICSI, and am due to test on the 6th of May.
3 days after I had 2 grade 2 embryos put back, I got rushed to hospital with burst chocolate cysts, due to the e/c procedure. I had to be given gas and air, and morphine for the pain. I had a scan done and everthing in the uterus looked ok, despite the problem with my ovaries, and my lining measured 22mm.

5 days after this I got a "show" of blood. I rang my clinic and they said they thought I'd had and implantation bleed, but due to the cysts decided to scan me to check the ovaries.
The scan showed that my lining had grown to 29mm, and I was assured it didn't look like it was about to be shed anytime soon. At the time of the scan though I felt "wet" and when I checked I was spotting bright red blood ???
Where could the blood have been coming from, when on the screen everything looked fine?

When I got home I had a sort of flood, very watery blood, and it's been stop, start, pink, red and brown like this ever since, and I just don't know what to think now ??? It seems to have been a bit light to be a full AF, yet too heavy to be an implantation bleed, so at the moment I'm still taking the crinone gel just in case.
There has been some cramping and a few ( maybe 5ish) clots, but with a lining of 29 mm surely there'd be lots of clots, like there was on my first failed cycle?

This 2ww I felt really poorly compared to my first failed cycle, where I had no symptoms at all apart from slight cramping.
This cycle, I felt so tired during the 2ww and had flu like symptoms, aching arms and legs etc. but without any fever. In fact my symptoms mirrored my friends early pregnancy symptoms :-\

Is it possible that the show of blood I had, and spotting was an implant bleed, and then my body rejected the pregnancy? Would that indicate that I have too many NK cells?
I've only had 2 immune tests done: anticardiolipid antibodies and lupus- both results were normal.
Or is my body unable to use progesterone? I have 1 crinone gel every morning, would I benefit from more progesterone support? Though my body must have been using the progesterone support or the lining wouldn't have kept growing? So if the bleeding I had was AF what would suddenly cause the levels of progesterone to stop and make me bleed?

I'm finding this all emotionally quite tough to take now to be honest :'( Our main IF problem is caused by my dh's failed vascetomy reversal, yet I can't help but think there must be a problem with me, in that both cycles I've bled early and just don't seem to be able to carry our embryo's.

I know I haven't tested yet for this cycle, but feel pretty sure now it's going to be a bfn, after all the bleeding (which as abated now). Plus, sadly, all the tiredness, sore BB's, flu like symptoms have all disspaeared now. I couldn'd feel less pregnant now if I tried!
Is there anyone who can shed any light on what's happened?
Many Thanks,
Nat :)
Sorry for so many questions and for being long winded.


Dr Smith - May 5

I'm afraid your questions are out of my area of expertise (I'm not a physicain). Try posting your questions on Dr Jacob's Infertility 101 Message Board. I'm confident that he can answer your medical questions.


4everhopeful - May 5

Thanks- I'll ask this on Dr Jacobs forum.
Sorry I posted this is the wrong place :P ::) must be all those fertilty drugs affecting my brain LOL ;D



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