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Dr Smith - June 29

The "B" in the "B1" and "B2" grading of the blastocysts suggests they were second grade embryos (i.e. assuming A1 is the best). That is what I was referring to when I brough the point about the sperm's genetic contribution to blastocyst development.

A slower stimulation (10-12 days) is perferable to a shorter stimulation (less than 9 days). Stimulation for more than 12 days can lead to post-mature eggs. A slow stimulation allows for better egg maturation. So, no, a shorter stimulation with a higher dose of medication would not have resulted in more mature eggs - probably the opposite.

With the exception of presenting an overly optimistic picture, I think they handled your case as well as can be expected. I see no need to move to another program if this cycle fails. Every sperm and egg combination is unique, so you may do better on a subsequent cycle.


marymary - July 4

Hi Dr.

I had a day 5 transfer with two eggs all of VERY good quality, no fragmantation. however on day 5 after the transfer i began to bleed and on day six i passed a very small amount of clots. the bleeding is not heavy at all however, enough to have to use a pad and when i use the washroom and i wipe there is always a small amount of clots on the tissue. Does this mean i have most likely lost the pregnancy? or could it just be one sheding while the other implants? I took apregnancy test on sunday July 2 and it was negative. My transfer tooke place on June 24. my retreival was on june 19


Dr Smith - July 5

"Spotting" during the two week wait is not uncommon, but don't read too much into it. Patients who are pregnant have spotting. Patients who are not pregnant have spotting. I understand that you are anxious and are trying to read every "sign", but the only true test is time. On that subject, you tested too soon. Eight days after a Day 5 transfer is not enough time for enough hCG to build up in your body to be consistently measured on a urine test. Wait for the blood test. It is far more accurate than the urine test.



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