beta-3 integrins
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calico - May 4

I have had 2 mock cycles with biopsies done and my lining still shows no beta-3 integirns. The first biopsy showed that my lining was out-of-phase(not mature). The next mock cycle I took Letrazole and I took the progesterone for 12 days instead of 10 days. This one showed that my lining was in-phase(mature) but I still do not have the integrins. I do not have my ovaries therefore I was taking the estradiol and progesterone. I have had on failed fresh DE cycle and one FET that ended in a chemical pregnancy. If my lining was out-of-phase with my transfers could this have been why it did not take or do you think that it is because I do not have the beta-3 integrins? If my lining is in-phase but no beat-3 integrins would you try another cycle since it is in phase now? Also my lining never seems to get the trilayer that they would like to see. Is my lining really the problem and when do you stop trying?


TTC in SoCal - May 4

I have the biopsy done this Friday. I am a little nervous. Did you feel absolutely out of control during the month on all the hormones? I feel like i'm losing my mind!!! :-)
i wish you lots of luck. i hope they find something to help you!! BTW... where do you live?
take care!!



calico - May 5

I am from TN. Where are you from? Yeah the hormones do make you feel pretty emotional, but my hormones have been out of wack for about 4 years now. Ever since I lost my ovaries due to cancer. They did not want me to take any estrogen for the first couple of years. Good luck with your biopsy. I hope it goes well for you.


TTC in SoCal - May 5

Thanks, Calico. I wondered where you were b/c i hadn't seen this test done on many people. i am in southern california.
i hope the procedure doesn't hurt. :-)
take care and best of luck!!!


Dr Smith - May 5

Beta-3-integrin is only one of many cell adhesion molecules involved in embryo attachement to the uterine lining. Women missing the beta-3-integrin can still have implantation (as evidenced by your chemical pregnancy). Making sure the uterine lining is in phase prior to embryo transfer is essential. Now that this problem has been identified, it can be addressed though the timing of the progesterone for any subsequent ART cycles.

The cause of a single chemical pregnancy cannot be determined (i.e. uterine factors versus embryo factors). Chemical pregnancies are a common occurance for all women during their reproductive years and not related to infertility treatment. Most women don't even know they had a chemical pregnancy. Their period is a little late one month and they don't give it another thought.


calico - May 6

Dr. Smith,
What are the chances of implantation without the trilayer lining?


Dr Smith - May 6

There are two indicators that we look for: endometrial thickness and the trilaminar (triple) pattern. Endometrial thickness should be greater than 7mm. The trilaminar appearance during the follicular (or stimulation) phase of the cycle is reassuring. The absence of a trilaminar appearance is not a good sign, but not absolute. Women with an adequate endometrial thickness, but lacking the trilaminar appearance can get pregnant, just not as frequently as those with the trilaminar appearance. As usual, there are no absolute answers in reproductive biology.


calico - May 7

Dr. Smith,

Is there anything that can help your lining get the tripple stripe? Would you say that it was a good sign that I did get a chemical (very low beta) pregnacy with the last FET? Even though I did not have the tripple stripe. We only put one embryo in. Maybe my chances would be better if we had more embryos to transfer next time. I know that the odds are against me with me not having the tripple stripe and the absent beta-3 integrins. It is so hard to know whether to try again. Thank you for all your input.



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